Entry fee

The payment of your Fee to allow you to participate to the photo contest can be made following the instructions given on your personal registration account page. The payment will vary accordingly to the registration options as from this price chart.
Total of entries is intended to be distributed freely across the different categories.

Early Bird: all entries registered by 31st December 2017 will favour of the possibility to enter one more photo in each category (total 4 entries instead of 3, 12 entries instead of 10, 25 entries instead of 20). Additional photos can also be uploaded after 31st December 2017, provided that the payment of the registration fee had been processed before that date.

Fee Fee under 20 y.o.
3 images (4 if registered by December 31st 2017) 20 € free
10 images (12 if registered by December 31st 2017) 25 € 15 €
20 images (25 if registered by December 31st 2017) 35 € 15 €
Storyboard 30 € 30 €

2017 Early Bird Promotion

In case you wish to participate to Siena International Photography Awards photo contest remember that if you register by 31st December 2017 you will be allowed to upload 4 images instead of 3, or 12 images instead of 10 or 25 images instead of 20 depending on the purchase options selected at the time of registration.

Contest registration will have to be confirmed with the complete fee payment by 31st December 2017 and it will allow you to upload or change the images even after 31st December 2017.

You may access your account at any time from the Login form on Login.