Jurors of this edition

Jurors of past editions

Elizabeth Cheng Krist (USA)

Photo Editor at "National Geographic"

Paco Membrives (Spain)

MontPhoto Founder

Maria Giovanna Aceti (Italy)

Photoeditor and Producer at RCS

Federico Geremei (Italy)

Editor in Chief at "Lonely Planet Italy"

Manila Camarini (Italy)

Photo Editor "D La Repubblica"

Davide Frattini (Italy)

Journalist at "Corriere della Sera"

Britta Jaschinski (Germany)


Sergio Pitamitz (ITALY)

Wildlife Photographer

Stefania Iantaffi (Italy)

Capo Redattore Ansa

Tino Soriano (Spain)

Travel Photographer

Cristobal Serrano (Spain)

Nature Photographer

Joe Petersburger (Hungary)

Wildlife Photographer

Randy Olson (USA)

Documentary Photographer

Norbert Rosing (Germany)

Wildlife Photographer

Gigi Soldano (Italy)

Sports Photographer

Pascal Maitre (France)

Documentary Photographer

Kah-Wai Lin (MALAYSIA)

Landscape Photographer

Guo Jing (CHINA)

Photographer and Curator