Richard Olsenius (Photojournalism, Film and Multimedia Development)


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The photographic career of Richard Olsenius spans 40 years from newspaper stories that covered the tumult of the 1960’s, to National Geographic adventures in the Arctic, to celebrating the forgotten natural and social landscapes of the American heartland. He is known for his subtle, yet dramatic landscapes and portraiture in both color and black and white. Over the years he has worked in film and music composition to more fully complement his photographic work in CD-ROM, mixed media and online digital-video technology.
His stories have taken him across the United States and Canada, to South America, Europe and Asia, where he won the World Press Photo Award for his story on Cambodian Refugees. He has produced two award-winning films, nine books (including collaborative work with American author Garrison Keillor and National Geographic Field Guides to Digital Black and White Photography and Digital Video), six DVD’s, and an award-winning multimedia book-CD-Rom. Olsenius’ work resides in museum collections and has been featured in several one-man photographic exhibitions.
Olsenius worked as a staff photographer at the Minneapolis Tribune newspaper for 11 years. Then he spent the next 25 years as a freelance photographer with National Geographic Magazine, eventually joining the staff as an Illustrations Editor for several years to become the Magazine's producer for the launch of it's website.
Olsenius continues his independent video and photographic work and has served as an Art Director for the Korea 50th Memorial and World War II Memorial shows produced by the U.S. Government. He has recently worked with the U.S. State Department in producing four permanent overseas embassy collections of his work. Long an advocate of blending media to enhance story telling, Olsenius uses his own music, video and still imagery to celebrate the beauty around us. National Geographic Creative and represent his work.