Rico Besserdich (Underwater Photographer)


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Rico Besserdich is a full-time underwater photographer, aquatic photography artist, lecturer and journalist. He's been shooting for 39 years.

His more than 200 specialist articles about underwater photography, marine and diving related topics had been published in magazines and books all around the world, translated into 12 different languages. His photographs were published in various national and international publications such as THE TIMES, Asian Geographic, TAUCHEN, Dykking, X-RAY MAG, The Guardian, Undersea Travel, Divemaster, Daily Mirror, Scuba Diver Through The Lens, Ocean Planet, Asian Diver and many more.

Rico worked as a lecturer of artistic underwater photography at the German fine arts academy HBK Saar, College of Fine Arts / Germany.

In 2012, he was awarded „World Champion of Underwater Photography“. Other accolades include recocknations by Asian Geographic, Ocean Geographic, PADI, National Geographic and The OPEN of Photography.