Gallery: Joseph Tam

Flying horse

1° classified - Sport

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)

Location: Taralga, New South Wales (Australia)

Description: The stillness of this frame betrays the chaotic violence of this instant. Clouds of earth storms around this cowboy and his rebellious steed. His grimace foreshadows the moment before failure dawns. This is a suspended capture of equine power and one man's attempt to tame its reign.

Fighting horses

2° classified - Open monochrome

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)

Location: Rongshui, Guizhou Province (China)

Description: This shot was taken during a Chinese New Year period where ethnic minority villagers are allowed to have a game of horses fighting once a year. The fighting ground is surrounded by chanting villagers to support their horses "Et Tu Brute!". The deep sense of betrayal burns through his eyes as the teeth of his best friend clamps onto his skin. A unique moment when equine "horse play" gets real.

Braving the storm

Honorable Mention - Open color

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)

Location: Dianbai, Guangdong Province (China)

Description: This shot was taken from a water-front fishing village. The fisherman rowing the timber boat is a courier who brings the catches from fishing boats to shore regularly. The swirling threat of the storm clouds and thunderous clamour of the angry waves sends a foreboding message to most.

Sunrise at great wall

Honorable Mention - Travel

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)

Location: Simatai, Hebei Province (China)

Description: The point where Joseph was standing is the hardest part of Great Wall to reach without using special climbing gear. This image captures the Wall's awe inspiring beauty as it breaks through the triviality of humanity and rises for the birth of another day in its unparalleled history. It's timeless magnificence is a true celebration of mankind and a reflection of the rising dragon that is China and its place in the world order.

Into the dawn

Remarkable Award - Open color

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)


Remarkable Award - Travel

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)

Flying horse

Remarkable Award - Sport

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)