Gallery: General Color

Cappadocia air baloon

1° classified

Author: Giulio Montini (IT)

Location: Cappadocia (Turkey)

Description: In the Cappadocia region almost every day, just before dawn, about 100 balloons rise in the air simultaneously. A breathtaking spectacle made even more magical by the rising of the sun that illuminates the peaks of the rocks and the balloons. Giulio was lucky enough to be higher up compared to other balloons, and I was able to isolate one, perfectly illuminated.

Kiev uprising

2° classified

Author: Giorgio Bianchi (IT)

Location: Kiev (Ukraine)

Description: Riot police deploys in a park next to the old stadium of Dynamo Kiev, preparing to storm the anti-government protesters behind barricades erected in Hrushveskoho Street.

Celebrating Victory

3° classified

Author: Md. Khalid Rayhan Shawon (BD)

Location: Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Description: Children inside and on top of a building under construction near the Dhaka International Airport runway watching the air craft landing while, at the same time, one of them is waving the national flag as to celebrate the Bangladesh's Victory Day on December 16th.


Honorable Mention

Author: Vladimir Proshin (RU)

Location: Kantaurovo, Nizhny Novgorod area (Russia)

Description: This is the author's most beloved photograph taken in the village of Kantaurovo in the central area of Russia. It represents a person who does not work and lives only by donations. The picture is the reflection of man's destiny, his choice of spiritual life and what a man can reach despite a total lack of money.

The morning run

Honorable Mention

Author: Lal Nallath (AE)

Location: Bab Al Shams, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Description: Lal often goes at dawn shooting in this particular area of Dubai on the way to Al Ain. Every morning there are horses running, camels walking, cyclist riding and many birds flying. One day the horses had taken a new route and lots of dust was flying up. Lal rushed closer and took a silhouette with the lights spilling throughout the horses.

Congregational Prayer

Honorable Mention

Author: Noor Ahmed Gelal (BD)

Location: Shwamibagh, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Description: People from Hindu Community celebrating a three- day long ritual called "Rakher Upabas" at Loknath Temple at Barodi. Devotees offer prayers after lighting earthen lamps and they observe fasting until the lamps are burned out.

Li river fishermen

Honorable Mention

Author: The Eng Loe Djatinegoro (ID)

Location: Li River, Guilin (China)

Description: Fishermen while catching fishes from Li River in the northeast of Guangxi Province, using trained Cormorants birds to dive and catch the fishes. Cormorant fishing is a traditional method practiced in China since more than a thousand years.

The coming storm

Honorable Mention

Author: Antonio Grambone (IT)

Location: Vallo Scalo, Salerno (Italy)

Description: When he has the chance, after it stops raining, Antonio goes with his camera to the little square in Vallo Scalo, a small town near Salerno, looking for interesting reflections that usually get formed on puddles. He took the picture pointing the camera straight at the reflection and then he turned it upside down.

Swaihan Camels

Honorable Mention

Author: Mario Bejagan Cardenas (AE)

Location: Abu Dhabi (United Arabs Emirates)

Description: Camel racing is closely associated with the unique heritage of the UAE and Bedouins traditional lifestyle. This extraordinary shot shows the parallel reflection of a camel herd with riders taken at Sweihan Camel Race Track in Abu Dhabi.

Braving the storm

Honorable Mention

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)

Location: Dianbai, Guangdong Province (China)

Description: This shot was taken from a water-front fishing village. The fisherman rowing the timber boat is a courier who brings the catches from fishing boats to shore regularly. The swirling threat of the storm clouds and thunderous clamour of the angry waves sends a foreboding message to most.


Honorable Mention

Author: Edmondo Senatore (IT)

Location: Rome (Italy)

Description: This is one of the many homeless portraits photographed in different Italian cities, interesting experience where Edmondo made about 500 pictures, and that led him to know how these less fortunate people live.

White desert

Remarkable Award

Author: Stefano Jeantet (IT)

India family

Remarkable Award

Author: Fausto Podavini (IT)

Ancestral rituals

Remarkable Award

Author: Simone Tramonte (IT)

Rock swimming pool

Remarkable Award

Author: Stuart Chape (WS)

Date in the rain

Remarkable Award

Author: Tibor Kercz (HU)

Student demonstration in October 2014

Remarkable Award

Author: Danilo Balducci (IT)

Nigerian dance

Remarkable Award

Author: Edgard De Bono (IT)

The sisters

Remarkable Award

Author: Cristina Garzone (IT)

The ballet

Remarkable Award

Author: Roman Vondrous (CZ)

Into the dawn

Remarkable Award

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)