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Last light

1° classified

Author: Mateusz Piesiak (PL)

Location: Lofer (Austria)

Description: One winter day Mateusz went to the nearby park to photograph birds. Suddenly he saw this Long-eared Owl sitting on the frozen branch. Unfortunately from Mateusz's point of view, there was a sky in the background. Luckily there was a bench nearby. Balancing on the slippy bench's back, he tried to take a sharp photo. After some time he finally managed it.

Reading quraan

2° classified

Author: Mahmood Mohammed (BH)

Location: Sanabis (Bahrain)

Description: A young muslim child while he is reading the holy Quraan, in one of the muslim's events in the month of Ramadan in the village of Sanabis, in the north of Bahrain.

Kissing snow finches

3° classified

Author: Landolt Jonas (CH)

Location: Leukerbad (Switzerland)

Description: Jonas declared: "Honestly, there is a lot of luck behind this image!". He was actually waiting for Bearded Vultures when he saw some Snow Finches fighting. A seconds later Jonas laid on the ground and pressed the shutter with fingers crossed hoping to get the right shot.

Preparing kolo

Honorable Mention

Author: Francesco Catalano (IT)

Location: Atsbi, Tigray Province (Ethiopia)

Description: Hedrom Haileselassie with his brother Tewodros, farmers in Atsbi, inside their tukul (a typical cone-shaped mud hut of northeastern Africa). Inside the central basket there is the kolo, roasted barley and teff, the main ingredient in Ethiopian highlands' diet made by high energetic properties.

When the time stops

Honorable Mention

Author: Dumas Laurent (FR)

Location: Algarve (Portugal)

Description: Algarve is renowned for its wild lands, its birds and its untamed coast. Laurent could never have imagined how surprising that time in Algarve could be. There was simply nothing he had already seen or imagined, and it actually seemed like a great playground.

Lunch time in Atsbi

Remarkable Award

Author: Francesco Catalano (IT)

Life's gold

Remarkable Award

Author: Daniele Cazzato (IT)

The family of the Savannah

Remarkable Award

Author: Luca Eberle (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Alice Panti (IT)