Gallery: Journeys & Adventures

Jumping over the train

1° classified

Author: Noor Ahmed Gelal (BD)

Location: Tongi Railway Station, Gazipur (Bangladesh)

Description: At the end of the annual Biswa Iztema, the second largest Muslim gathering in Bangladesh, a lot of people are rushing to try to grab in any possible way a sit or a space in a train at Tongi railway station.

In the gydansky tundra

2° classified

Author: Sergey Anisimov (RU)

Location: Gydansky Tundra, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area (Russia)

Description: Yamal in Nenets language means "land's end" and it is the Northern Pearl of Russia: amazing blend of natural beauty and the ancient hospitality tradition. Breeding Reindeer probably is one of the rarest professions; there are about 14.000 nomads living together with the herds of deer.

Coming to get salt

3° classified

Author: Jørgen Johanson (NO)

Location: The Danakil Depression area is among the hottest and most inhospitable places on earth. It is also one of the lowest and the Lake Asale is at 116 metres below sea level. The Afar people are extracting salt here, using camels for transport.

Description: The Danakil Depression area is among the hottest and most inhospitable places on earth. It is also one of the lowest and the Lake Asale is at 116 metres below sea level. The Afar people are extracting salt here, using camels for transport.

Sunrise at great wall

Honorable Mention

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)

Location: Simatai, Hebei Province (China)

Description: The point where Joseph was standing is the hardest part of Great Wall to reach without using special climbing gear. This image captures the Wall's awe inspiring beauty as it breaks through the triviality of humanity and rises for the birth of another day in its unparalleled history. It's timeless magnificence is a true celebration of mankind and a reflection of the rising dragon that is China and its place in the world order.

Make-up in a dancer club

Honorable Mention

Author: Javier Arcenillas (ES)

Location: Santiago de Cuba (Cuba)

Description: Several dancers from a dance group of different ages are putting make-up on and preparing to work on stage in a dance show in the city of Santiago de Cuba.


Honorable Mention

Author: Chee Keong Lim (MY)

Location: Bagan (Myanmar)

Description: A novices monk sincerely praying in a temple. Due to the influence of the religion, you might find a lot of monks and young novices here. Myanmar people are very honest, full of enthusiasm and very polite. This makes a lot of people after a journey, including Chee Keong, to fall in love with Myanmar.


Honorable Mention

Author: Massimo Della Latta (IT)

Location: Sellin, Rugene Island (Germany)

Description: The peculiarity of the cabins and umbrellas portrait in this photo are used throughout northern Europe. Their position on the white sand, their unique orientation, people coming in and out of these "cells", recall bees and their hive.

On the Yamuna river

Honorable Mention

Author: Bruno Tamiozzo (IT)

Location: Agra, Uttar Pradesh (India)

Description: The "Yamuna" River is the largest tributary of the Sacred river Ganges and is venerated by the Hindus. According to Hindu mythology, in fact, Yamuna is Surya's daughter and sister of Yama, the god of death. Very close to the "Taj Mahal", in the city of Agra, the only way to reach the "prohibited" shore of the river, is a very old wooden boat. The sunrise is one of the quieter moments to navigate on the river, and the climatic conditions create mysterious and extremely fascinating atmospheres.

Summer day

Honorable Mention

Author: Sebastien Nogier (FR)

Location: Nice (France)

Description: People dive into the Mediterranean Sea on a hot summer's day in Nice, southern France. This picture was taken on 21st July 2014 and temperatures reached up to 28 degrees Celcius.

Omo river

Honorable Mention

Author: Fausto Podavini (IT)

Location: Omo Valley (Ethiopia)

Description: A child from the Dassanech tribe in South Ethiopia. Despite his young age, his body is already signed by several wounds, symbol of the physical strenght of the person.

Mini Citybus

Honorable Mention

Author: Stefano Mirabella (IT)

Location: "Via del Corso", Rome (Italy)

Description: The rear of a minibus with a curious little girl looking out of the window pane, the silkscreened model and the waiting for to complete the scene. Stefano took several shots before this one, wishing the child wouldn't look into the camera and that an interesting subject passed by on the other side of the street.

Runway cricket

Honorable Mention

Author: Md. Khalid Rayhan Shawon (BD)

Location: Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Description: Local boys near runway playing cricket under the flying path of an aircraft of the airport.

Help me

Remarkable Award

Author: Sauro Fiorani (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Joseph Tam (AU)

The yard

Remarkable Award

Author: Umberto Carlo Sommaruga (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Vincenzo Tessarin (IT)

Salt workers Gnoc Diem

Remarkable Award

Author: Wendy Geddes (AU)