Gallery: Fascinating faces and characters

Band of brothers

1° classified

Author: Linelle Deunk (NL)

Location: Mukono district (Uganda)

Description: Gertrude is a woman member of the Katosi Women Development Trust which empowers women by teaching them and supporting them with micro-credits. She lives in the fields with her husband and seven children. The micro-credits Gertrude has received have given her family the possibility to obtain a reliable access to clean drinking water ensuring a less challenging life and more healthy children. Thus, they can focus on growing and developing themselves, rather than simply surviving. This portrait is of the five sons of Gertrude.

Tuberculosis in Bangladesh

2° classified

Author: Probal Rashid (BD)

Location: Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Description: Suruz Ali, age 25, has been suffering Tuberculosis since 2012 and he is in the hospital in Dhaka. Tuberculosis is a worldwide public health problem, much higher in developing countries such as Bangladesh, where 66,000 TB-related deaths occur each year.

Sister care

3° classified

Author: Ali Al-Zaidi (KW)

Location: Omo Valley, Arba Minch (Ethiopia)

Description: Losing a mother is very painful specially for little kids, a responsibility for the elder child. Here, the elder sister loves and cares as much as she can, but still the sadness on the little kid's face shows that something is missing: their mother.

Genocides Curse

Honorable Mention

Author: Chris Hopkins (AU)

Location: Nakivale refugee settlement (Uganda)

Description: Lawrence fled Rwanda during the 1994 Genocide. Upon his return his house was burned down as he and his family were sleeping. His family was killed and now Lawrence bears the scars of the attack. He drifted into Ugandas Nakivale refugee settlement where he remarried.


Honorable Mention

Author: Mattia Passarini (IT)

Location: West Papua (Indonesia)

Description: Yali is a major tribal group living in the West Papua in Indonesia, in a very isoleted and inaccessible area of Jayawiijaya mountains in the eastern of Baliem Valley which is also known as the Yalimo. Mattia was hiking for several weeks passing through many small villages untill he found this very remote and still very traditional Yali comunity.


Honorable Mention

Author: Enrique Lopez-Tapia (ES)

Location: Mursi village, Omo Valley (Ethiopia)

Description: Mursi girl, with its traditional ornaments. In southern Ethiopia there is a high concentration of different ethnicities. People of different tribes preserve in their eyes the pride of belonging to their people, ethnicity and land. And that nobility is always transmitted in the dignity of their glances.

Angels' laughter

Honorable Mention

Author: Sahar Goudarzi (QA)

Location: Durbar Square, Kathmandu (Nepal)

Description: This photo has been taken in Nepal just a little before the devastating earthquake. Sahar was mesmerized by the lively ambiance of the heritage town centre of Kathmandu. Children were playing joyfully with laughter, chasing the birds and making everyone laugh. This shot became very precious to Sahar after hearing the bad news on the terrible earthquake.


Honorable Mention

Author: Cristina Garzone (IT)

Location: Kashgar, Xinjiang (China)

Description: This woman with her son, belonging to the minority of Uyghur, living in the Chinese province of Xinjiang was waiting in a small medical centre in Kashgar, the capital. Cristina noticed the boy was looking at her trough the mirror, and the mother directly.

Sadhu smile

Honorable Mention

Author: Mamdooh Alsaleh (BH)

Location: Kathmandu (Nepal)

Description: The meaning of Sadhu "good man" refers to renouncers who have chosen to live an isolated life or on the edges of society to focus on their own spiritual practice.The words come from the Sanskrit root SADHU, which means "reach one's goal", "make straight", or "gain power over".


Honorable Mention

Author: Istvan Kerekes (HU)

Location: Maramures, Transylvania Region (Romania)

Description: When Istvan saw this little girl, she was just swinging in the veranda of her house. Her innocent look, the uniqueness of the expression on her face, the distinct beauty and the compelling charm captured his attention in that right moment.

Children Cemetery Playground

Honorable Mention

Author: Mario Bejagan Cardenas (AE)

Location: Navotas Public Cemetery, Manila (Philippines)

Description: Photo shows children living at cemetery, children playing at cemetery. Hundreds of families have made city graveyard their home as Philippines' authorities grapple with rising population and housing shortage.

Teach me

Honorable Mention

Author: Ali Al-Zaidi (KW)

Location: Jodhpur (India)

Description: In some areas in India, education is like a light. In this photo when Ali entered the classroom where the teacher was explaining science, it was a great experience staring at students' faces, they were listening carefully and enjoying the lesson. Ali saw in them the love for education and the desire to learn in order to build their country.

Black tigger

Remarkable Award

Author: Mamdooh Alsaleh (BH)

Citizens of despair

Remarkable Award

Author: Javier Arcenillas (ES)

The tinsmith

Remarkable Award

Author: Francesco Barbera (IT)

Young miners

Remarkable Award

Author: Cristina Garzone (IT)

The Red Turbant

Remarkable Award

Author: Francesca Salice (IT)

Behind Kiev's barricades

Remarkable Award

Author: Giorgio Bianchi (IT)

Bororo Boy

Remarkable Award

Author: Monica Mietitore (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Sergey Anisimov (RU)