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Go, my beauty

1° classified

Author: Gordon Welters (DE)

Location: Potsdam (Germany)

Description: Dana is 25 and she loves the challenges of her life as she feels the knot under the skin. Nine years later, after breast amputation and chemotherapy she lies in the palliative care unit in a hospital. Dana is not lonely, a unique friendship-circle carried her to the end. After Danas death the friendship-circle broke down, only a few of them met each other again.

Rapa das bestas of sabucedo

2° classified

Author: Javier Arcenillas (ES)

Location: Sabucedo, Galicia (Spain)

Description: Rapa das Bestas, is a traditional Spanish Festival celebrated since 15th Century in different towns in Galicia. It is a sort of rodeo: participants must be able to tame a herd of wild horses, taking them from the mountains to the fences within the city. The name of the festival refers to cutting of the mane and tail of wild horses together with the marking and the taming of the animal. Every year hundreds of wild horses that roam freely in the mountains in a semi-wild state are assembled and brought down to the towns: foals are marked, the adult horses are shaved and deloused, then all horses are freed again to the mountains. In Sabucedo, in the north-west of Spain, the festival lasts three days: the first Saturday, Sunday and Monday every year in July.

Isina and Nasirian

2° classified

Author: Meeri Koutaniemi (FI)

Location: Masai village (Kenya)

Description: Isina and Nasirian are two 14-years old sisters in a remote Masai village in Kenya. They are going to undergo female genital cutting the next morning as they are both due to be married the year after. Girls' circumcision has been illegal in Kenya since 2001, but among some tribes such as the Masai, it is still a valued tradition. The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 125 million mutilated women in the world.

Awá guajá

Honorable Mention

Author: Daniel Rodrigues (PT)

Location: Maranhão (Brazil)

Description: The Awá Guajá indigenous tribe lives in the Amazon Rainforest in the Brazilian state of Maranhão, divided into four villages. A total of 400 people living as close as possible to the purity of their origins. The goal is to be one more arm in the fight against the increasing encroachment of loggers in search of the most precious thing of the Amazon forest, the trees that give it the name to “The lung of the earth”.

The most polluted place on earth

Honorable Mention

Author: Pierpaolo Mittica (IT)

Location: Karabash (Russia)

Description: The Russian city of Karabash is one of the most polluted places on earth. The city is the site of a copper-smelting plant, built more than a 100 years ago, and its toxic waste has caused enormous pollution and dire health problems for the inhabitants of the region.

Typhoon haiyan

Honorable Mention

Author: Javier Sanchez-Monge Escardo (ES)

Location: San Jose, Tacloban (Philippines)

Description: After the impact of typhoon Haiyan, an huge tsunami swept the coasts of the Philippines. Many drowned inside their homes before the sunrise and were carried by the waters to the ocean, where they remained like silent witnesses still with their last expression.

Journey of hope

Honorable Mention

Author: Antonio Gibotta (IT)

Location: From Naples to Lourdes

Description: Among the others, the White Train is about to leave, destination Lourdes. It is not like any other train. In the wagons, you can hear children voices, their cries and laughs, whispered prayers, slow and suffocated murmurs. You can breathe pain, strength, hope. Among these angels, there is Brigitte, mother of a child born with a terrible virus. Despite the treatments, efforts, pain and sleepless nights to assist his daughter, this woman is peaceful and affirms to travel to Lourdes not to receive a grace but to thank for the grace she has already received: her daughter.

El campeon de boxeo

Honorable Mention

Author: Umberto Carlo Sommaruga (IT)

Location: La Habana (Cuba)

Description: Boxing is for many young Cubans a way out of poverty. El Campeon de Boxeo is part of a larger project (Gimnasio de Boxeo) started in 2007 and continued until 2014. All photos were taken at the Gimnasio de Boxeo Rafael Trejo in Havana, breeding ground of several Olympic medals. The images are centered on the figure of Hector, twenty six year old Cuban national champion, during some stages of his training.


Honorable Mention

Author: Giorgio Bianchi (IT)

Location: Donbass (Ukraina)

Description: A year after the Euro-Maidan revolt, Ukraine is actually divided in two: on one side the government in Kiev and on the other pro- Russian separatists. Everything has become fragile in Ukraine. The present devastated by war and the future, affected by its consequences. Fragile is what you see. Fragile is what you expect. Fragile is the Minsk agreement and the architects of a fictitious peace. Fragile is the "normal" common men seek. The unthinkable has become reality, the absurd entered the newspaper, suddenly cancelling each balance built up over the time and considered as it was granted. "Fragile" is a modern and civilized country transformed into a fighting arena between brotherly peoples. Ukraine is a huge tragedy and a warning to all men, used to believe that peace, prosperity and co-existence last forever.

Behind the frontlines

Honorable Mention

Author: Jacob Zocherman (SE)

Location: Kandak (Sudan)

Description: Since South Sudan plunged into armed conflict at the end of 2013, between 50.000 and 100.000 people have died as a direct effect of the conflict. Currently, as the war rages on, around 200.000 male soldiers fight in the warring factions. In this scenary Jacob lives Khan Kueth's last hour alive before dying of malnutrition as his mother Nyapur desperately watches. The Kueth family was separated when they fled the fighting and they have not been in contact since.

The Battle Within

Honorable Mention

Author: Mary Calvert (US)

Location: Alliance, Ohio (USA)

Description: Gary Noling stands in his daughter Carri's bedroom on the anniversary of her suicide in Alliance, Ohio. US Marine Carri Goodwin suffered severe retaliation after reporting her rape to her commanders. Five days after she was raped she went home with a bad conduct discharge and she drank herself to death. Gary Noling stated "It destroyed my family. When Carri died I lost all three of my kids and my grandchildren. I lost two thirds of me. Two thirds of me is in that box of ashes".

Imarika: to be stable

Remarkable Award

Author: Foad Mirzaei (KE)

The sulfur's slaves

Remarkable Award

Author: Valerie Leonard (FR)

Voodoo night

Remarkable Award

Author: Simone Stefanelli (IT)

Faith and mystery

Remarkable Award

Author: Silvia Landi (IT)

Emirati coasts

Remarkable Award

Author: Shoayb Khattab (AE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Giordano Cipriani (IT)