Gallery: General Color

Phan Rang Fishing Net Making

1° classified

Author: Danny Yen Sin Wong (MY)

Location: Vietnam

Description: In a small village in southern Vietnam near Phan Rang, a woman wearing a typical cone hat is creating a fishing net in their traditional manner. The manufacturing of handmade nets is still a typical Vietnamese activity for women which they carry on while their husbands are out fishing.


2° classified

Author: Majid Alamri (OM)


Description: A multitude of observant Muslims hold the traditional circumambulation ritual around the Kaaba, an ancient building located in the center of Mecca, which is the holiest place for the Islam community.

Central black

3° classified

Author: Isa Ebrahim (BH)

Location: Bahrain

Description: A Bahraini Muslim woman carrying her son while taking part in the funeral of Isa Radhi, the Bahraini protester who was allegedly killed during Martial Law in Sitra Village, South Manama on March 22, 2011.

Red Zone

Honorable Mention

Author: Herman Morrison (ID)

Location: China

Description: This photo was taken in Lijiang - China, during Impression Lijiang, a magnificent outdoor singing and dancing performance demonstrating the traditions and lifestyle of the local ethnic group.


Honorable Mention

Author: Changming Liu (CN)

Location: Shengshan, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Description: The waves look like a volcanic eruption, like a giant tree eradicated and covering all the fragile buildings on the bank. The contrast between the waves and the building is representative of force and weakness, brightness and darkness, movement and stillness and conveys the idea of human weakness in the face of nature.

Outlines And Shadows

Honorable Mention

Author: Danny Yen Sin Wong (MY)

Location: Vietnam

Description: On the sand dunes of Mui Ne, situated close to its homonym city in South Vietnam, three girls are walking along the slope wearing their typical cone hats and carrying their scales, creating beautiful lines and shade effects on the sand.

Dry Fish

Honorable Mention

Author: K M Asad (BD)

Location: Sunderban

Description: Some fishermen return to their boats after collecting fish in their big baskets. In the Sunderban area, Bangladesh, where the shot was taken, fishing still represents one of the main resources for the local population.

Sisters in desert

Honorable Mention

Author: Yushan Li (CN)

Location: Naiman desert in Inner Mongolia, China

Description: While the sunrise shines on the sand, in the desert of Naima, some Mongolian girls carry buckets on their way to get water. Their shadows are of rare beauty.

The Way Back

Honorable Mention

Author: Mohammed Sattar (IQ)

Location: Annasiriya, Iraq

Description: The most beautiful area in the South of Iraq is called "Al-Chibayish Marshes" in Al-Nasiriyah province. It has hundreds of miles of water coming from the Euphrates river. In this area life is so simple and sometimes very hard.

Harvest season

Honorable Mention

Author: Hanbin Wang (CN)

Location: Bayinggolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Jing County and Bohu County of Xinjiang, China.

Description: October, the chilly harvest season, when the red chillies are mature, farmers pick them and leave them to dry in the hot sun. Once dry the chillies can easily be stored, transported and sold. This picture was taken from a unique aerial perspective, when the farmers were busy with the harvest.

Scaffolding Cafe

Honorable Mention

Author: Leyla Emektar (TR)

Location: Tea Coffe House Turkey

Description: While going to the beach to take photos, the shadow of some people in a cafe in Basiskele, Kocaeli, caught my attention. As a result, I decided to wait for the sunset in order to emphasize the shadow effect. After a few shots, someone suddenly looked out a window providing another interesting frame.

Diver and Guggenheim

Honorable Mention

Author: Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis (ES)

Location: Bilbao (Spain)

Description: The Czech diver, Navratil, makes a wonderful jump in Bilbao's sky with the Guggenheim Museum showcased in the background, during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

Morning catch

Remarkable Award

Author: Xiaolong Guo (CN)

Sprinkle net

Remarkable Award

Author: Fuyang Zhou (CN)

Night Phantoms

Remarkable Award

Author: Yury Pustovoy (RU)

Fire Fighter

Remarkable Award

Author: MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan (BD)

Search And Rescue

Remarkable Award

Author: Alessandro Barteletti (IT)

Tree of life

Remarkable Award

Author: Yongmei Liu (CN)

Fun in childhood

Remarkable Award

Author: Chuntao Zhou (CN)

Fight on horses

Remarkable Award

Author: Yun Zhao (CN)

tuscan golden sunrise 15

Remarkable Award

Author: Michele Macinai (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Liduan Chen (CN)

White Rose

Remarkable Award

Author: Isa Ebrahim (BH)

The blue arrow

Remarkable Award

Author: Jose Luis Rodriguez (ES)


Remarkable Award

Author: Fatih Balkan (TR)