Gallery: General Color

Protestor's Eyes

1° classified

Author: Jonathan Bachman (US)

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Description: A man is detained while protesting the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. July 9, 2016. Alton Sterling, a 37 year old black man was shot at close range while being held down by two white police officers. The shooting, captured on cell phone videos, aggravated the unrest that has occurred through the United States for two years over the use of excessive force by police, especially against black men.

The Morning Ritual

2° classified

Author: Nick Ng (MY)

Location: Kolkata, India

Description: A man washes his feet before submerging and bathing himself in the Hooghly River, part of the Holy Ganges, early in the morning. It is part of the people's culture to bath in the Ganges, paying homage to their ancestors and their Gods.

Simply Motions. Episode 2

3° classified

Author: Petr Lovigin (RU)

Location: Yaroslavl, Russia

Description: Every summer I visit a village where I have to nice "girlfriends". This photo is from a long series called "Simple Motions", where the two Russian "babushkas" have fun with the hola hoop, play football or do their gym.


Honorable Mention

Author: Guenter Meindl (AT)

Location: Austria

Description: A funny and nice image of nude taken in Hinterstoder, by the lake of Schiederweiher in Austria.

Clay and Ash

Honorable Mention

Author: Roberto Falck (US)

Location: Papua New Guinea

Description: Inspired by traditional elements of various tribes in Papua New Guinea, I wanted to create a work showing the dichotomy between the individual character and the need of community. Clay and Ash is my personal abstraction and graphic interpretation of how humans interact with their peers, following the shapes that are sometimes found in nature. I feel that this brings humans and the land together in a unique and different way.


Honorable Mention

Author: Bernhard Lang (DE)

Location: Netherlands

Description: Aerial photograph of tulip fields and farms in the region of Flevoland in the Netherlands, shot from a helicopter. To capture this top down overview of many flower fields and farms, we had to reach the altitude of about 3000 meters. What is visually interesting for me is the big diversity in colors and patterns and the strict arrangement of the fields and flowers.

Accident of a careless drone pilot

Honorable Mention

Author: Stefan Thaler (AT)

Location: Tyrol/Austria

Description: Be careful when flying with drones... and also be aware of dangers in your immediate vicinity. The image was taken in the mountains of Tyrol in Austria near the small village of Thiersee.


Honorable Mention

Author: Manfred Daams and Mette Hansen (DE)

Location: Cologne

Description: Human beings occasionally leave the comfort of industrial progress and return to the origins of human culture. As “hunters and gatherers” they are optimally and functionally prepared. However, this “primitive society” is emancipated: women take part in the hunt and men practice household tasks.

Hanging Around

Honorable Mention

Author: Tevfik Ulual (CY)

Location: Mardin, Turkey

Description: During a visit to Mardin in Turkey, I came accross a narrow street with lots of colourful clothes hanging above my head in a narrow street as symbols of the dwellers' wishes. This turned the dull, narrow street into a festival area that should not be missed.

Love light

Honorable Mention

Author: Andy Goodwin (US)

Location: Chicago

Description: The picture was taken outside of Chicago. I put a portable strobe inside the structure to help illuminate and add some intrigue. The geese flying over were a bonus!

Betel nut

Honorable Mention

Author: M Yousuf Tushar (BD)

Location: Coxbazar, Bangladesh

Description: A young man collecting Betel nuts to sell them in a local market in Coxbazar, Bangladesh. The plantations of Betel palms are helping many people to overcome unemployment


Honorable Mention

Author: Roman Fitilev (RU)

Location: Moscow

Description: ???


Honorable Mention

Author: Ammar Alamir (SA)

Location: Makkah

Description: This shot was inspired by Muslim pilgrims praying in the direction of the Kaaba in the Holy Mosque in Makkah during the holy month of Ramadan.

Icelandic glacial river pattern

Honorable Mention

Author: Franco Cappellari (IT)

Location: Islanda

Description: The Tungna River, one of the main rivers of Iceland, originates from the Tungnarjokull glacier. Along its way from the glacial lagoon to reach the ocean, it gets its characteristic braid shape.


Remarkable Award

Author: Martina Platte (DE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Bernhard Lang (DE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Marcel van Balken (NL)

Sea and Salt

Remarkable Award

Author: Wellington Rodrigues (DE)


Remarkable Award

Author: David Oliete Casanova (ES)


Remarkable Award

Author: Manfred Daams and Mette Hansen (DE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Justine Tjallinks (NL)

Mother Love

Remarkable Award

Author: Fang Li (CN)

Abuna Yemata

Remarkable Award

Author: Carl Avery (GB)

blue hat group

Remarkable Award

Author: Klaus Lenzen (DE)

Net bar in fishing village

Remarkable Award

Author: Wei Zeng (CN)