Gallery: General Monochrome

Crow of Lviv

1° classified

Author: Jack Savage (GB)

Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Description: This Gothic inspired piece is inspired by the beautiful city of Lviv, whose churches and architecture cast a spell over me whilst visiting last year. An image that lets Dostoevsky meet David Lycnch in the 1940's era of film noir processed through my trusty vehicle of Photoshop CC.


2° classified

Author: Wenpeng Lu (FR)

Location: Paris

Description: The Tuileries Fair hosts many attractions. Access is free so it's a wonderful place for a street photographer to spot very different people. In one of the attractions, children played in inflatable transparent plastic balls in a small pool. Their parents stayed around the pool taking pictures, and so was I. I spent quite some time circling the pool, taking multiple photos, and this one is my favorite. I had just bought my first Leica camera a few days before and started to shoot in 28mm after doing so in 35mm for years. So this picture to me is an important leap in evolution.

Nomadi 02

3° classified

Author: Pietro Di Giambattista (IT)

Location: Roma

Description: I took this picture in May, in the Nomads Camp of Vicolo Savini, Rome, on the day of St. George's celebration . All the kids were happily playing in the streets of the camp. In order to complete this work on Gypsy culture and to develop a strong empathy with it, I chose to live with them for some time.


Honorable Mention

Author: Edwin Giesbers (NL)

Location: the Netherlands

Description: This image is taken in Burgers' zoo in the Netherlands. Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) 45 days old twin babies are sleeping in their mother's arms. Originally from Central Africa, they are critically endangered.


Honorable Mention

Author: Scott Portelli (AU)

Location: Tonga, South Pacific

Description: A young humpback calf propels its 3 tons body from the water with a spectacular re-entry into liquid space. The humpback whale has one of the most powerful peduncle and tails in the animal kingdom. Landing only inches away the wake of this gentle giant lingered on.

Desert whale

Honorable Mention

Author: Christopher Swann (GB)

Location: Angel de la Guarda, an island in the northern Sea of Cortes, (also know as the Gulf of California) Mexico

Description: This image represents a fin whale. Fin whales are the second largest whales in the sea. They rarely raise their tails out of the water but usually they swim just beneath the water surface, just like in this picture.


Honorable Mention

Author: Shane Gross (CA)

Location: Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Description: Due to the civil war, for decades nobody has fished in the waters around Sri Lanka. This created an unintended marine reserve which flourished with marine life, including sperm whales like this one. Now that the war has ended fishers seem to be making up for lost time. How long this whale stronghold will remain is unknown.

Majestic Freedom: White Stallion

Honorable Mention

Author: Bev Pettit (US)

Location: Arizona, USA

Description: White Andalusian Stallion photographed in Skull Valley, Arizona. He was having fun kicking and running around in a large area where he had been released after being kept in a small stall. His friskiness showed his personality and free spirit as he ran and reared. I loved the form shaped by the muscles in his neck exemplifying his beauty.


Honorable Mention

Author: Massimiliano Balo' (GB)

Location: Italy

Description: During my vacation in Porto Ceresio, on the Italian coast of lake Lugano, I took this distorted picture of my brother, incorporated in a strange image for the human eye. In this image in abstract style, it is as if he is running away from a dream looking for unanswered questions.

All Secure

Honorable Mention

Author: Tariq Zaidi (GB)

Location: Mongolia

Description: A woman makes sure that her child, the hunter’s grandson, is safely secured. The Altai Mountains are the home of the Kazakh golden eagle hunters. Nowadays there are only about 70 traditional eagle hunters left in the world.


Honorable Mention

Author: Enrico Doria (IT)

Location: Malaysia

Description: This picture from the series "Esprits" is part of a project mainly realized with a Holga camera. It's a collection of photographic notes about faded memories that often come back like spirits.

The Most Wuthering Heights Ever

Remarkable Award

Author: Kristin Linnea Backe (NO)

“Strength, balance, courage and common sense

Remarkable Award

Author: David Oliete Casanova (ES)

Private word at Puja

Remarkable Award

Author: Jianjun Huang (CN)

School bus

Remarkable Award

Author: Anna Shustikova (RU)

On the way

Remarkable Award

Author: Songge Cui (CN)

Morning Shower

Remarkable Award

Author: Manuel Librodo (PH)

A Lone Tree

Remarkable Award

Author: Martin Bisof (CZ)

Scuola di Box

Remarkable Award

Author: Beniamino Pisati (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Olga Sinenko (RU)

Giochi in ombra

Remarkable Award

Author: Alberto Caselli (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Alejandro Sala (IT)

Etna in Eruzione

Remarkable Award

Author: Giuseppe Mario Famiani (IT)

Madrasha boys

Remarkable Award

Author: Mohammed Rimon (BD)

Nicosia's shadows

Remarkable Award

Author: Stefanos Kouratzis (CY)