Gallery: The beauty of nature


1° classified

Author: James Smart (AU)

Location: Black Hawk, South Dakota, USA

Description: Chasing this storm in Black Hawk was amazing. After waiting hours for something to develop, the storm began to turn into a supercell. This absolute stunning ship like structure invaded and took over the Black Hawk area.

Middle Earth

2° classified

Author: Enrico Fossati (IT)

Location: Assiniboine Provincial Park

Description: Before visiting Assiniboine I thought that certain places only existed in books like The Lord of the Rings. But this place really exists! It is the sum of all the beauties of an alpine landscape, with peaks, lakes, waterfalls, streams. It is totally wild with a unique atmosphere.

Prince of the waters

3° classified

Author: Yannick Gouguenheim (FR)

Location: Lamalou River in France

Description: The common toads start going back to the river in February in order to reproduce. The frozen waters of this small river are by then clear enough and ideal for underwater photography. This image was taken in natural lights and apnea. I chose to work on blacklights to value this iconic species from fresh water.


Honorable Mention

Author: James Smart (AU)

Location: Simla, Colorado, USA

Description: A rare and jaw-dropping anti-cyclonic tornado touches down farmland, missing by little a house near Simla, Colorado.

Autumn Dot

Honorable Mention

Author: Espen Bergersen (NO)

Location: Finland

Description: I shot this aerial picture in Finland, by catching the autumn colours of a beautiful forest by a lake. The little island, which is also covered by rich autumn vegetation, contributes in making this image so interesting.

Pine rock lightning and full moon

Honorable Mention

Author: Miguel Angel Artus Illana (ES)

Location: Tossa de Mar - Girona - Spain

Description: This night photo was shot with a long exposure which allowed to capture a lightning in a stormy sky. The magic atmosphere of the image is also created by the light of the full moon illuminating the water and the beach.


Honorable Mention

Author: Petar Sabol (HR)

Location: Palovec, Croatia

Description: On the morning I shot this picture the weather was strange and I had almost decided to stay home as it was about to rain. But then I left and I spotted two dragonflies hiding under a flower as if it was an umbrella.

Dragon river (winter view)

Honorable Mention

Author: Stas Bartnikas (RU)

Location: Iceland

Description: This shot of a glacial river meeting with the ocean was taken in January 2017, in the south coast of Iceland from a small plane, Cessna 172. During the summer this river looks more colorful than in the winter when it is more rough but still very beautiful. Somehow it looks like a dragon.

Fairy Forest

Honorable Mention

Author: Heiko Gerlicher (DE)

Location: Kreuzberg, Germany

Description: Arctic temperatures and high humidity enchanted the old beech forest with frost on Kreuzberg mountain (928 m/3.045 ft) located in the German region of Rhön. The knotty old trees covered with ice gave the scenery a magic and fairy appearance.

Painting of the Wave

Honorable Mention

Author: Dieter Schweizer (DE)

Location: Snaefellsnes/Iceland

Description: Aerial picture taken while flying over the Snaefellsnes peninsula on the West coast of Iceland. The weather was very bad, but I was lucky to get some rays of sun when we flew over this beach with the seagulls.

And what now?

Honorable Mention

Author: Peter Svoboda (SK)

Location: Low Tatras Mountains (Slovakia)

Description: The skier in the photo is trying to find a safe way to descend in the middle of a sudden and serious meteorological change. The picture was taken on the Low Tatras mountains in Slovakia.


Honorable Mention

Author: Marcio Cabral (BR)

Location: Veadeiros Tablelands

Description: A beautiful sunset in a flowering field of Paepalanthus. This is a very rare wild flower which can be found only in Brazil, in the national park of Chapada dos Veadeiros.

Colours of Iceland

Remarkable Award

Author: Dieter Schweizer (DE)

The last rays of sunshine

Remarkable Award

Author: Eberhard Ehmke (DE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Warren Keelan (AU)

The snow powder

Remarkable Award

Author: Marko Korosec (SI)

Brain destroyer

Remarkable Award

Author: Jakub Rybicki (PL)

The Blue Windflower

Remarkable Award

Author: Barbara Dall'Angelo (IT)

Millenium Cypresses

Remarkable Award

Author: Barbara Dall'Angelo (IT)

Woods in a Pod

Remarkable Award

Author: Minghui Yuan (CN)

Ice Cave

Remarkable Award

Author: Markus van Hauten (DE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Perdita Petzl (AT)

Dividing Line

Remarkable Award

Author: Christoph Oberschneider (AT)

mirror mirror

Remarkable Award

Author: Giuseppe Bonali (IT)