Gallery: Animals in their Environment


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Author: Sergey Gorshkov (RU)

Location: Russia. Wrangel Island.

Description: In late May, about a quarter of a million snow geese arrive from North America to nest on Wrangel Island, in northeastern Russia. They form the world’s largest breeding colony of snow geese. I spent two months on the remote island taking pictures there. Arctic foxes take advantage of the abundance of eggs and, later, goslings, catching surplus eggs for leaner times. In this image a fox has to face a gander and must rely on its speed and guile to steal eggs. Usually the battles were fairly equal and I only saw a fox succeed in grabbing an egg on a couple of occasions, despite many attempts. Surprisingly, the geese lacked any sense of community spirit and never reacted when a fox harassed a neighboring pair nesting close by.

Pandas Gone Wild

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Author: Ami Vitale (US)

Location: Wolong, China

Description: Ye Ye, a 16-year-old giant panda, lounges in a massive wild enclosure at a conservation center in Wolong Nature Reserve. Her 2-years-old cub, Hua Yan (Pretty Girl) was released into the wild after two years of "panda training." Her name, whose characters represent Japan and China, celebrates the friendship between the two nations.

Baby Sea Lion

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Author: Filippo Borghi (IT)

Location: Mexico

Description: While diving in the waters of Mexico, I came across a curious sea lion cub, which left the other cubs to approach my camera and play.

Will you?

Honorable Mention

Author: Henrik Spranz (AT)

Location: Austria

Description: These rare European ground squirrels seem to discuss about what to do with their plant; the left one even seems to offer it. It's always nice watching squirrels interact among themselves, with the environment and it's a fantastic feeling to catch a moment like this.

Tarpon in a cloud of glass fishes

Honorable Mention

Author: Davide Vezzaro (CH)

Location: Gran Cayman

Description: The rays of the sun filtering into the cave produce magic light effects on the little silver fish swimming in a herd. They seem to dance together to protect each other and escape the predator ready to attack them for food.

Red Army

Honorable Mention

Author: Youshu Hu (CN)

Location: Africa

Description: A long shooting time and the reflection of the pink flamingos on the water, give to this image a dreamy sense of peace and the impression that one is observing a painting rather than a photo.

Four bears

Honorable Mention

Author: Sergey Gorshkov (RU)

Location: Russia. Kamchatka.

Description: This is the largest salmon-spawning site in Asia which like a magnet has always attracted bears to its shores. I have been shooting bears in Kamchatka for many years and visited the whole region. My journey to the wildlife of Kamchatka has been so interesting and exciting that the years of work have flown so fast!


Honorable Mention

Author: Felipe Foncueva (ES)

Location: Shetland Islands (Scotland)

Description: Northern gannets are the largest seabirds in the north Atlantic. They fish by diving into the sea and can do it from a height of 30 meters at a speed of 80 km/h. The small island of Noss is one of the most important nesting point, with 7000 breeding pairs. I took this picture in front of the high cliffs, from a small boat using underwater housing and two strobes, surrounded by hundreds of gannets flying, diving and shouting around me

From above

Honorable Mention

Author: Jacques-Andre Dupont (CA)

Location: Ile Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada

Description: This photo shows a Northern Gannet flying over the nesting area of its colony, in search for its nest and mate. Note how the nests are equally spaced, making it hard for the birds to find where to land. They mostly rely on the cry of their mate to get back, so usually they will fly over it a few times to be sure of the right location.

Different ways

Honorable Mention

Author: Panos Laskarakis (GR)

Location: Kaokoland near Kunene river, northwestern Namibia bordering with Angola

Description: Winter morning in northwestern Namibia bordering with Angola , where the river Kunene from the Hartmann valley meets the absolute desert and the land of the impressive antelope gemsbok (Oryx gazella). At the top of a sand dune, in the middle of nowhere, I was waiting for the antelopes with my telephoto lens, as I knew that they usually cross this path of the desert in order to find water in the river Kunene .

Whale Trail

Honorable Mention

Author: Beau Pilgrim (AU)

Location: Vava'u Tonga

Description: This male Humpback Whale spent over an hour playing in the water and swimming around us, putting on a phenomenal show for the camera. It was an incredible interaction in the wild which I will never forget. This photo was captured as the pectoral fin swiped through the surface of the water, creating a trail of bubbles.

Kuril Lake

Honorable Mention

Author: Valter Bernardeschi (IT)

Location: Kamchatka (Russia)

Description: A Grizzly brown bear was photographed right in the moment when he was capturing a big fish in the water of Lake Kuril, in the south part of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Living in the trash

Honorable Mention

Author: Greg Lecoeur (FR)

Location: Indonesia

Description: At the end of a dive in the waters of the islands of Raja Ampat, I crossed this Sargassum Frogfish, whose habitat are the sargassum algae, completely surrounded by the garbage carried by the stream.


Honorable Mention

Author: Gabriela Staebler (DE)

Location: Serengeti N.P. Moru Kopjes (Tanzania)

Description: During a safari, I discovered this male lion sleeping in the shade of a huge rock. It seemed that the lion was stopping with his leg the rock from rolling over him. Next to this huge rock the mighty lion seemed small and fragile.

L'ora del lunch

Remarkable Award

Author: Marco Mercuri (IT)

Red over red

Remarkable Award

Author: Daniel Buron (ES)

David vs. Goliath

Remarkable Award

Author: Daniel Ottmann (DE)

view from below

Remarkable Award

Author: Sergey Gorshkov (RU)

Zebras in the night

Remarkable Award

Author: Marco Poggioni (IT)

Whale Tail

Remarkable Award

Author: Rodney Bursiel (US)


Remarkable Award

Author: Petar Sabol (HR)

Dancing Octopus

Remarkable Award

Author: Barathieu Gabriel (YT)

Look me in the eye

Remarkable Award

Author: Prelena Soma Owen (ZA)

Green Turtle close-up

Remarkable Award

Author: Greg Lecoeur (FR)

Love fighting

Remarkable Award

Author: Pierluigi Rizzato (IT)

In the city

Remarkable Award

Author: Tommy Pedersen (SE)

Pink Dreams

Remarkable Award

Author: Alessandra Meniconzi (CH)

il cormorano

Remarkable Award

Author: Filippo Borghi (IT)