Gallery: Architecture & Urban Spaces

book temple III

1° classified

Author: Hans-Martin Doelz (DE)

Location: Stuttgart

Description: Stuttgart City Library, inaugurated in 2011, designed by Yi Architects. The design of the reading rooms takes its inspiration from Étienne-Louis Boullée’s grand design vision of the French National Library at the end of the 18th century. Staircases arranged in pairs create flowing walkways between the floors. All the interior furnishings are colored in an unobtrusive, subtle grey. Only the book spines set bold color accents.

Allianz Headquarters

2° classified

Author: Adrien Barakat (CH)

Location: Zurich (Switzerland)

Description: Architecture is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the art of photography. In certain situations my objective as an architectural photographer is to capture the present moment of a place, instead of creating a timeless image. The challenge for this image was to access a high point of view in order to shoot this roof terrace and the building’s connections from above. This image has a strong visual identity that reflects the concept and dynamism of this architecture. Furthermore the three men, taking a morning coffee, give a sense of life to this scene that would somehow feel empty without them. For this shooting I chose a cloudy day to get soft light and avoid shadows or sun reflections that would disturb the atmosphere of this composition.

Berlin Biker

3° classified

Author: Wenpeng Lu (FR)

Location: Berlin

Description: In classical landscape painting, there is always at least a tiny human presence, whose role is to put things in perspective and scale. Urban photography can choose to focus on architectural details and become abstract art, or to honour this tradition and put buildings in relation with people using them. In most cases, human silhouettes will seem dominated by the gigantic proportions of contemporary architecture; in this case, the bicycle wheels act as an ironic counterpoint to the building’s eye. Architecture might have solved the quadrature of the circle, but the guy just doesn’t care as he happily rides.

The Red Cloak

Honorable Mention

Author: Mohammad Awadh (KW)

Location: Abudhabi- UAE

Description: The woman walking through the architecture of Sheikh Zayed's Grand Mosque with a red cloak highlights the geometry of the building and Islamic ornaments.


Honorable Mention

Author: Klaus Lenzen (DE)

Location: Berlin

Description: The "Paul-Loebe-Haus", hosting government offices, is a beautiful building in the area of "Reichstag" in Berlin. I had to wait a while before someone stepped down the stairs, but the wait was paid off by this shot.


Honorable Mention

Author: Arsenio Gálvez (ES)

Location: Bilbao (España)

Description: This image of the Guggenheim in Bilbao was shot from La Salve Bridge. My objective was to open the frame to the maximum in order to capture all the beauty of the building, and give it the necessary exposure time for the movement of the people to be seen.

The Ball

Honorable Mention

Author: Marco Garabello (IT)

Location: Barcellona - Spagna

Description: The perspective gives the impression of an enormous ball if compared to the nearby building, but its diameter is only 1 mt. With full light, a well closed diaphragm and a rather long exposure time, both the elements are perfectly in focus.

Spazi Mentali

Honorable Mention

Author: Paolo Di Falco (CH)

Location: Oslo - Norvegia

Description: I took this picture outside the Oslo Opera House. I was attracted by the peculiar and interesting architecture under the rain. The presence of the three men in the distance gives the image a surreal aspect.

Mono Man

Honorable Mention

Author: Martina Biccheri (IT)

Location: Paris

Description: I like to go hunting for a location and when I find the perfect place, corner, wall or even shadow, I sit and silently wait for my prey, as the spider does with its web. This is how I catch the "decisive moment".

Flatiron Building in the snowstorm

Remarkable Award

Author: Michele Palazzo (US)

inside the cube III

Remarkable Award

Author: Hans-Martin Doelz (DE)

Cross the sky

Remarkable Award

Author: Tiangong Xia (CN)


Remarkable Award

Author: Kareem Negm (CA)

Lights Arches

Remarkable Award

Author: Claudio Cantonetti (IT)

Time line

Remarkable Award

Author: Julien Delaval (FR)

multiexpo - Berlin

Remarkable Award

Author: Frank Machalowski (DE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Yury Pustovoy (RU)

French war cemetery

Remarkable Award

Author: Franco Cappellari (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Sergio Galan Sanchis (ES)