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Every Breath You Take

1° classified

Author: Klaus Lenzen (DE)

Location: Duesseldorf (Germany)

Description: The picture was taken from 35 individual images of swimmers at the triathlon in the Duesseldorf Media Harbour in the summer of 2017. I was able to take them from above, while the athletes crossed a pedestrian bridge capturing their very individual "breathing techniques“. I was inspired by the work of Andreas Gursky; therefore, I took the individual images with the highest possible sharpness.

Camels in the Desert

2° classified

Author: Weiguo Hu (CN)

Location: Naiman, Inner Mongolia

Description: On the evening of October 24, 2017, in Inner Mongolia, camels and their loyal dog were creating waves of dust under the sunset's glow. This spectacular picturesque scene in the Mongolian desert was created thanks to the shadows and magnificent light cast upon the desert.

Flying Fishing Nest

3° classified

Author: Danny Yen Sin Wong (MY)

Location: Xiapu County (China)

Description: This image is able to evoke a sense of peace, portraying a fisherman at work on the Ningde Jiuli River in Xiapu County, China, while the wind lifts his fishing nets. The special light, the sun's rays, and the wind all add up creating a magical and striking atmosphere.

Path of Camels Across the Sands

Honorable Mention

Author: Abdullah Alnassar (SA)

Location: Az Zullfi (Saudi Arabia)

Description: From an unusually high point of view, these camels seem to trace a road across the desert dunes, projecting beautiful shadows on the sand.

Oriental Carnival

Honorable Mention

Author: Qinghua Shui (CN)

Location: Yunnan, China

Description: During the annual Water Splashing Festival in Banna, China, the Dai ethnic group celebrates water as a symbol of holiness, beauty, and light. On this occasion, splashing a fellow human being with water is an expression wishing good luck and prosperity for that person.

Flying on the Beach

Honorable Mention

Author: Claudio Piccoli (IT)

Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Description: I was lying down in the cold water looking for the right position and took this picture at the exact moment when the dog was jumping high to catch the disc, almost flying in the sky.

Winter Idyll in Everyday Life

Honorable Mention

Author: Eberhard Ehmke (DE)

Location: Schlüchtern, Germany

Description: From above, in winter, even an everyday life scene can become interesting and suggest a story.

Diaspora - Chaila

Honorable Mention

Author: Dagmar Van Weeghel (NL)

Location: The Netherlands

Description: This portrait of Chaila from Guinea Bissau is from a series of immigrant (non-model) portraits retelling the significance and importance of African settlers in Europe throughout history to present day. It is an homage to their collective experience - a tribute to their strength, resilience, and perseverance. The portraits refer to the Orientalist paintings of Josep Tapiró Baró.

Soviet Surrealism

Honorable Mention

Author: Svetlana Melik-nubarova (KZ)

Location: Russia

Description: The history of Russia is not uniform: in art, Soviet realism was based on the propaganda of Lenin's ideas, which were the foundation for the education of children and youth.

Beyond Pink

Honorable Mention

Author: Becky Yee (US)

Location: New York City (USA)

Description: Breast cancer goes beyond the month of October and the pink ribbons. This portrait is part of a series showing honest and empowering images of breast cancer.


Honorable Mention

Author: Mariëtte Aernoudts (NL)

Location: Oosterhout (The Netherlands)

Description: A symbolic image of a girl in a black swimsuit pretending to swim in an empty swimming pool.

Circus Decay

Honorable Mention

Author: Marcel van Balken (NL)

Location: Mont-de-l'Enclus (Belgium)

Description: In this photo, evoking an old circus ring, only the elephant and the ringmaster remain... the audience left long ago.


Remarkable Award

Author: Ye Zhou (CN)


Remarkable Award

Author: Thomas Kaiser (DE)

Il Naufragio di Carolin

Remarkable Award

Author: Luca Concas (IT)

Looking forward to homing

Remarkable Award

Author: Ying Han (CN)

dinner time

Remarkable Award

Author: Ole Marius Joergensen (NO)

Diaspora - Penda

Remarkable Award

Author: Dagmar Van Weeghel (NL)

Black Friday

Remarkable Award

Author: Pedro Jarque (ES)

Teacher and Students

Remarkable Award

Author: Kiah Hwa Ng (MY)

A foot over the City

Remarkable Award

Author: Mauro Tronto (IT)

Lavender and Rays

Remarkable Award

Author: Arsenio Gálvez (ES)

Snowy Owl Hover

Remarkable Award

Author: Wendi Schneider (US)

Staring house

Remarkable Award

Author: Offer Goldfarb (IL)

Walk along the edge of Nowhere

Remarkable Award

Author: Santiago Pascual Buyé (ES)


Remarkable Award

Author: Justine Tjallinks (NL)