Gallery: Journeys & Adventures

Man Carries Injured Son

1° classified

Author: Zach Lowry (US)

Location: Mosul (Iraq)

Description: A heartbroken father, carrying his injured son, flees a checkpoint in West Mosul, Iraq.

On Guard

2° classified

Author: Riksa Dewantara (ID)

Location: Bromo Semeru Tengger National Park (Indonesia)

Description: The explosive eruption and loud rumbling of the Mt. Bromo volcano scared the horse causing it to rear up onto its hind legs.

The Wave

3° classified

Author: Lorraine Turci (FR)

Location: South of Drake Passage (Antarctica waters)

Description: In the Drake Passage, between Cape Horn and Antarctica, a 12-meter wave pounds the boat's forecastle with its enormous splashes.

Little Nenets Nedko

Honorable Mention

Author: Sergey Anisimov (RU)

Location: Yamal (Russia)

Description: The North is a fantastic region populated by extraordinary people with a distinct culture fully adjusted to the environment of the extreme North. Despite being in the 21st century, people of the North still maintain their traditional culture, reflecting the time-honoured, close interaction between people and nature, demonstrating a genuinely caring attitude towards everything that surrounds them.

The Paradise of Forgotten Hearts

Honorable Mention

Author: Antonio Aragon Renuncio (NI)

Location: Mandouri (Togo)

Description: A group of children happily plays in a river from heavy rains near Mandouri (Togo, West Africa). Every year, unsafe water, coupled with a lack of basic sanitation, kills at least 1.6 million children under the age of five around the planet. Six to eight million people die annually from the consequences of disasters and water-related diseases.

In the Melaleuca Forest

Honorable Mention

Author: Trung Pham Huy (VN)

Location: Dong Thap Province (Vietnam)

Description: A woman is collecting water chestnuts during the high tide season in the Melaleuca forest in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Traditional Coastal Cod Fishery

Honorable Mention

Author: Audun Rikardsen (NO)

Location: Tromsø (Norway)

Description: An old Norwegian fisherman catching a cod the traditional way. Fishing has always been the major traditional activity for Norwegians and still holds a central place in their households and daily life.


Honorable Mention

Author: Bartłomiej Jurecki (PL)

Location: Mizerna (Poland)

Description: In this photo of Mizerna, in southern Poland, the traditional sheep grazing, called "Redyk", has more than 1,500 animals. From the Low Beskid Mountains, shepherds bring back the animals to the city of Nowy Targ, where the owners will take care of them during the winter. The animals will go back to the mountains in spring.

The Man Staring

Honorable Mention

Author: Moin Ahmed (BD)

Location: Tongi, Gazipur (Bangladesh)

Description: This photo was taken at Tongi Railway Station, Bangladesh. A train from the country was entering the platform and as it arrived I suddenly found a pair of curious eyes staring at me through the window. The mist on the glass and the curious eyes create a dreamy atmosphere where the black umbrella represents reality - a journey towards the city full of hopes and dreams.

Road to ruin

Honorable Mention

Author: Christian Werner (DE)

Location: Raqqa (Syria)

Description: November 2017 - According to estimates by the Civil Council, more than 8,000 mines are hidden in Raqqa. The Civil Council explores a former ISIS hospital looking for medicines that can still be used. A view from the ruined tower clock, overlooking the ruins of Raqqa, shows Abdulla al-Arian as he inspects the place.


Honorable Mention

Author: Petr Lovigin (RU)

Location: Uyuni (Bolivia)

Description: Tanya is playing on a swing in the Bolivian trains cemetery, 3 km outside Uyuni. This place, where many trains were abandoned at the beginning of the 19th century, is connected to Uyuni by the old train tracks.

In Awe of Fireflies

Remarkable Award

Author: Garret Suhrie (US)


Remarkable Award

Author: Emily Garthwaite (GB)

A different street

Remarkable Award

Author: Raul Raschetti (SE)

Beaten by her husbond

Remarkable Award

Author: Jakob Dall (DK)


Remarkable Award

Author: Mauro De Bettio (IT)

A dream of Europe

Remarkable Award

Author: Asger Ladefoged (DK)

Crossing the border

Remarkable Award

Author: M Yousuf Tushar (BD)

Honey Hunters

Remarkable Award

Author: Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman (BD)

The girl from Kashmir

Remarkable Award

Author: Yury Pustovoy (RU)

Roopa, Dimple and Soniya

Remarkable Award

Author: Silvia Alessi (IT)

The human torch

Remarkable Award

Author: Abdelkafi Zakaria (FR)

Guerriglieri Prigionieri

Remarkable Award

Author: Silvano Monchi (IT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Lorenzo Di Candia (IT)

The contact

Remarkable Award

Author: Alla Sokolova (FR)

Ouch, it is cold

Remarkable Award

Author: Sergey Anisimov (RU)

Havana Ballet Dancer

Remarkable Award

Author: Kelley Dallas (US)

Yibbum #1

Remarkable Award

Author: Gregory Michenaud (PL)

Big pot noodles

Remarkable Award

Author: Jianhui Liao (CN)