Gallery: Fascinating faces and characters

Kid With Hand Crafts

1° classified

Author: David Nam Lip Lee (MY)

Location: Ethiopia

Description: In Ethiopia, the kids of the Suri tribe are being over-protected by their families. Imagine these metal handcrafts as a jail with a Suri kid locked inside. Young kids are the hope and inheritors of the Suri culture, but the overprotection will marginalize the new generation from the world.


2° classified

Author: Tariq Zaidi (GB)

Location: Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo)

Description: Yamea, 58, who has been a 'Sapeur' for half a century, brings colour and joie de vivre to his community. He has nine children and works as a bricklayer. His favourite item of clothing is his hat. La Sape, Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes (Society of Ambiance Makers & Elegant People) is a fashion subculture in the cities of Kinshasa (DRC) and Brazzaville (Republic of the Congo). Someone who follows La Sape is known as a Sapeur.

Yi Ethnic Elder

3° classified

Author: Xuejun Xia (CN)

Location: Meigu Village, Sichuan Province China)

Description: Wuqi Manuo is a respected elder who lives in the village of Meigu in the mountainous area of Dalaing. He is the head of the Yi ethnic community and occupies a prominent position in his community.

Joana, dancer at the Tropicana, sat with her grandmother.

Honorable Mention

Author: Katinka Herbert (GB)

Location: Havana (Cuba)

Description: Joana Menendez Gonzalez, a performer at the Tropicana Cabaret in Havana, sat with her maternal grandmother, proudly looking at her.

Meet the Hosts - Metro Driver

Honorable Mention

Author: Isabela Pacini (DE)

Location: Russia

Description: In 2018 Russia will host the Football World Cup and the idea of my project is to portray Russian people as the hosts. All together, they convey a picture of Russia and give an insight into the Russian soul. This work is about people, their identity, their environment, their culture, and society.

Waiting in Limbo: Kashmir’s Half-Widow

Honorable Mention

Author: Wei Tan (US)

Location: Limber village, Kashmir (India)

Description: Shamla Begum’s husband, Fathiq Nagar, was 37 years old when he was taken by strangers on his way to Baramulla, the nearest town to their village. The violence of Kashmir’s armed conflict has given rise to a category of women known as “half-widows”, whose husbands have ‘disappeared’ during the decades-long conflict.

Young Lama in the Snowstorm

Honorable Mention

Author: Qingjun Rong (CN)

Location: Gerdeng temple of Aba county in Sichuan

Description: In the temple of Gerdeng, in the county of Aba, Sichuan province, young Lamas are sitting on stone steps, listening carefully to their teachers, in spite of the intense snowfall.

Qasr al-Yahud Baptismal Site

Honorable Mention

Author: Abir Sultan (IL)

Location: Qasr al-Yahud, Jordan River

Description: An Eritrean Orthodox Christian pilgrim baptizes a young girl, as pilgrims celebrate Epiphany at the Qasr al-Yahud Baptismal Site, near the West Bank city of Jericho. The baptism site is where, according to the tradition, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Christian tradition marks this site as the place of the 'spiritual birth' of Jesus.


Honorable Mention

Author: Jing Hu (CN)

Location: China

Description: In a small hilltop village with water shortage problems, a little boy drinks water from a water pipe.


Honorable Mention

Author: Burak Senbak (TR)

Location: Indonesia

Description: During heavy work at a noodle factory in Indonesia, this man had the chance to rest for a little while. His exhausted expression is a clear sign of the extremely hard working conditions these people face every day.

smoking an old woman

Remarkable Award

Author: Qiang Chen (CN)

Horizontal bar on the tricycle

Remarkable Award

Author: Weiguo Hu (CN)

Sharing emotion

Remarkable Award

Author: Mohd Nazri Sulaiman (MY)

Turning Heads

Remarkable Award

Author: Tariq Zaidi (GB)

The Ramnami Lady

Remarkable Award

Author: Debdatta Chakraborty (IN)


Remarkable Award

Author: Zhonghua Yang (CN)

Olympic boxer, Joahnys Argilagos

Remarkable Award

Author: Katinka Herbert (GB)

The orange bouquet

Remarkable Award

Author: Fulvio Bugani (IT)

The wandering pilgrim

Remarkable Award

Author: Raed Ammari (US)


Remarkable Award

Author: Andrea Rizzi (IT)

Rohingya Exodus

Remarkable Award

Author: K M Asad (BD)

Face Book

Remarkable Award

Author: Mohammad Awadh (KW)

Ethiopian Ladies

Remarkable Award

Author: Robin Yong (AU)

Gypsy child

Remarkable Award

Author: Shahab Naseri (IR)

Sisters Love

Remarkable Award

Author: Ewa Cwikla (0)

Beautiful Scars

Remarkable Award

Author: Jose Insunza (MX)