Gallery: The beauty of nature

El Calbuco

1° classified

Author: Francisco Negroni (CL)

Location: Los Ríos Region (Chile)

Description: This photograph was taken during a violent night eruption of the Calbuco volcano in the Lagos region, Chile. An incredible dirt storm wraps the fumarole of the erupting volcano.


2° classified

Author: Khalid Alsabt (SA)

Location: Desert of Dahana (Saudi Arabia)

Description: In the desert of Dahana, in the center of Saudi Arabia, Bedouins migrate with camels from place to place, searching for food and water. I took this picture while a group of nomads was passing us with their camels, creating beautiful shadows in a peaceful atmosphere.


3° classified

Author: Mariusz Potocki (US)

Location: Bransfield Strait (Antarctica)

Description: A group of Chinstrap Penguins (Pygoscelis Antarctica) is resting on an iceberg. When sailing Antarctic waters you will often see different types of icebergs. Some of these floating islands are great resting places for hunting penguins who can travel many kilometers, before jumping back into the icy water.

Cosmic Wildflowers

Honorable Mention

Author: Marcio Cabral (BR)

Location: Veadeiros Tablelands (Brazil)

Description: The 180º panorama, with the milky way in the background, magnifies a field of Paepalanthus wildflowers in the National Park of Veadeiros Tablelands.

Mt. Bromo

Honorable Mention

Author: Riksa Dewantara (ID)

Location: East Java (Indonesia)

Description: This phenomenal picture was taken in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park at sunrise. Mount Bromo's eruption, in January 2016, was highly unusual as it lasted for almost a year.


Honorable Mention

Author: Daniel Danilov (IL)

Location: Netanya Forest (Israel)

Description: A chameleon whipped out its tongue to capture a dragonfly, while I was hiding behind a bush in order not to disturb the scene. Its tongue is longer than its body, and its tip is sticky and thick.

The Great Eclipse

Honorable Mention

Author: Oleg Zinkovetsky (US)

Location: United States of America

Description: This photo was taken during the total solar eclipse that happened in the USA in August 2017. It is the result of HDR stacking from 14 images.

Cold at Surface

Honorable Mention

Author: Audun Rikardsen (NO)

Location: Tromsø (Norway)

Description: In the waters of Tromsø, during a freezing polar night (-18°C), a killer whale is taking a breath at the cold surface gifting us this amazing photo.

Polar Trout

Honorable Mention

Author: Audun Rikardsen (NO)

Location: Signaldalen (Norway)

Description: A brown trout spawning in a special night atmosphere as the stars and the full moon light the scene.

The Window

Honorable Mention

Author: Salvador Colvée Nebot (ES)

Location: Costa Rica

Description: During my stay in a hotel in Costa Rica, red-eyed frogs (Agalichnis callydrias) flooded the gardens. As I approached this one, it climbed into one of the holes and I photographed the frog as if it were sticking out of a window.

Layers of Antarctica

Honorable Mention

Author: Vladimir Alekseev (RU)

Location: Yalour Islands (Antarctica)

Description: Despite the very bad weather conditions, I was able to photograph this small colony of Adélie Penguins still living in their native habitat on Yalour Islands. Due to climate changes, most of Adélie Penguins have migrated to the south, deep into the continent.

The Lady of Snaefellsnes

Honorable Mention

Author: Timothy Moon (AU)

Location: Iceland

Description: The coarse volcanic mountain has taken human form covered with a cloak of moss and heather in vivid autumn colours

Under the moonlight

Remarkable Award

Author: Roberto Aldrovandi (IT)

Pines With Snow

Remarkable Award

Author: Dag Røttereng (NO)

Inverno nel Giardino degli Dei

Remarkable Award

Author: Cristian Rota (IT)

Twin columns

Remarkable Award

Author: Eduardo Minte (CL)

Shark and Mountains

Remarkable Award

Author: David Robinson (AE)


Remarkable Award

Author: Luis Manuel Vilariño Lopez (ES)

Underwater view of the winter Lofoten

Remarkable Award

Author: Сергей Луканкин (RU)

Giochi in verde

Remarkable Award

Author: Vanda Bodoardo (IT)

Volcanic Sunset

Remarkable Award

Author: Erez Marom (IL)


Remarkable Award

Author: Thomas Crauwels (CH)

The dream night

Remarkable Award

Author: Julio Castro Pardo (ES)

Rough sea 4

Remarkable Award

Author: Giovanni Allievi (IT)

the way of life

Remarkable Award

Author: Mohd Khorshid (KW)


Remarkable Award

Author: Rachael Talibart (GB)