Gallery: Splash of Colors

Floating Market

1° classified

Author: Sina Falker (DE)

Location: Borneo (Indonesia)

Description: Early in the morning before sunrise up to a hundred boats meet at the colorful Lok Baintan Floating Market in Indonesia. It is one of the oldest markets in Asia where the inhabitants still trade from traditional wooden boats.

Game of Colors

2° classified

Author: Anurag Kumar (IN)

Location: Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh (INDIA)

Description: The Holi Festival is a yearly Indian celebration announcing the arrival of spring, with a colorful atmosphere that radiates love and happiness.


3° classified

Author: Ugo Galassi (IT)

Location: Alessandria (Italy)

Description: The art of regeneration is an urban renewal project through public art and design. "Playground" is a public basketball court located in Alessandria (Italy) designed by the Italian artist GUE. Public art is a response to urban degeneration. It can contribute to civic identity, has educational value, promotes social change, and encourages economic development. It is a way to transform a space into a place.

The Road of Fortune

Honorable Mention

Author: Sian Koi Kua (MY)

Location: Guang Phu Cao (Vietnam)

Description: In Vietnam, red is the color of good luck and is traditionally considered the symbolic color of happiness. Joss sticks are offered at altars to obtain good business and good fortune.


Honorable Mention

Author: Wei Ye (CN)

Location: Guizhou Province (China)

Description: Some Miao girls in the Chinese province of Guizhou perform the traditional group dance "Jinji Dance", somehow imitating the expressions and the shapes of peacocks in courtship.

Shades of Emerald

Honorable Mention

Author: Stas Bartnikas (RU)

Location: Iceland

Description: A colorful aerial image of an Icelandic glacial lake taken from a small plane.

The Devotees

Honorable Mention

Author: Debdatta Chakraborty (IN)

Location: Kolkata (India)

Description: Devotees performing the ritual of Dondi on the occasion of Chhath Puja on the banks of the River Ganges. While worshipping the Sun, they try to appease the divinity in order to prosper in the future.

Colors of Joy

Honorable Mention

Author: Noor Ahmed Gelal (BD)

Location: Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh (India)

Description: Devotees celebrate the traditional and colorful Holi Festival at Krishna Temple in Nandgaon, India.

Earth Rainbow

Honorable Mention

Author: Fabio De Gennaro (IT)

Location: Tsagaan Suvarga, White Stupa (Mongolia)

Description: This rock formation, in a desert plain, is called 'Rainbow of the Earth' by the Mongols. Originally a seabed, then covered by glaciers, over the centuries it became irregular and very colorful because of the presence of iron.

Windows and Sculpture

Honorable Mention

Author: Songquan Deng (US)

Location: Paris (France)

Description: Windows with colorful yet abstract reflections and a Sculpture with colorful strips from La Défense business district in Paris.


Remarkable Award

Author: Dirk Rosin (NO)


Remarkable Award

Author: Du Yi (CN)


Remarkable Award

Author: Teri Campbell (US)


Remarkable Award

Author: Bekir Yesiltas (TR)


Remarkable Award

Author: Javier Herranz Casellas (ES)

One million flamingos

Remarkable Award

Author: Franco Cappellari (IT)

Colors in life

Remarkable Award

Author: Fh Priok (BD)

Krishna the god of colours

Remarkable Award

Author: Sanghamitra Sarkar (IN)

Fishing Nets

Remarkable Award

Author: Rui Duarte Silva (PT)


Remarkable Award

Author: Javier Herranz Casellas (ES)

Holy Rain with Golden Blessing

Remarkable Award

Author: David Nam Lip Lee (MY)