Gallery: Student

Fisherman at Inle Lake

1° classified

Author: Yinzhi Pan (CN)

Location: Inle Lake (Myanmar)

Description: This picture was captured at Inle Lake on the Shan Plateau in Myanmar. As the lake is covered with reeds and floating plants, it is difficult to row while sitting. As a result, the Intha fishermen have developed an unusual rowing style. It is amazing how people in each corner of the world find ways to adapt to nature, inspired by nature itself.

Great Grey Owl in Dark Forest

2° classified

Author: Lasse Kurkela (FI)

Location: Finland

Description: Photographing great grey owls on a winter day is very difficult in Finland as the number of owls is low and birds do not stay in one area for a long time. This photograph of a silent big owl arriving from the dark forest evokes a magical atmosphere.

Order Within Density

3° classified

Author: Ian Leung (HK)

Location: Hong Kong

Description: This aerial photograph of Sheung Wan area questions the stereotypes of Hong Kong being claustrophobic, demonstrating the existence of a geometric order within this chaotic city.

Children's Care

Honorable Mention

Author: Anastasiia Zazuliak (UA)

Location: Ternopil (Ukraine)

Description: The face of this little girl is full of life and concern, shushing her friends, as her little brother is sleeping.

The Bear

Honorable Mention

Author: Andra-ioana Zlotu (RO)

Location: Comanesti (Romania)

Description: Since ancient times, the bear has always represented a sacred animal. Every year, before New Year's Eve, Comanesti is filled with Romanian traditions where children wear bear furs and make noise in order to drive away evil spirits and start a bright year.


Honorable Mention

Author: Danielle Waldman (IL)

Location: Kamchatka (Russia)

Description: Two big brown bears are ferociously fighting, even though there is no prize to win.


Honorable Mention

Author: Alessandro Ardoino (IT)

Location: Azores (Portugal)

Description: While on the island of Pico, a small island of the coast of the Azores Archipelago, I photographed this special moment while one of them was returning from the open sea with its prey, landing alongside its partner.

Eagles Arguing

Honorable Mention

Author: Tommi Kurkela (FI)

Location: Sodankylä (Finland)

Description: Two white-tailed eagles are fighting in their arctic environment in Sodankylä, Finland.

Life From Dhaka

Honorable Mention

Author: Rahat Karim (BD)

Location: Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Description: In Dhaka, the police are capturing random people and putting them in jail, like the young man pictured here.

Synergy For Change

Remarkable Award

Author: William Lee (KR)

Sea of colors

Remarkable Award

Author: Satyaseelan Sivam Satya (MY)

Impala Silhouette - Multiple Exposure

Remarkable Award

Author: Ram Mohan Akshay Valluri (IN)

The crying of the Mawild Al ِِHussein

Remarkable Award

Author: Mohammed Fouad (EG)

The last judgement

Remarkable Award

Author: Krishna Vr (MX)

Great grey owl at sunset

Remarkable Award

Author: Lasse Kurkela (FI)


Remarkable Award

Author: Giulia Tonelli (IT)

Himba Village

Remarkable Award

Author: Eugenia Cipriani Sansonetti (IT)