Gallery: Jump For Joy

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Author: bram paulussen (BE)

Location: Japan

Description: In an empty train station, the beautiful laugh of a Japanese couple seems to break the almost surreal quietness of the place.

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Author: Chin Leong Teo (SG)

Location: Malaysia

Description: The Bajau people refers to several Austronesian ethnic groups originally from the Philippines who now live in Southeast Asia and build their homes on stilts. In this photo, a group of Bajau children have fun using their natural environment as a playground.

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Author: Md Huzzatul Mursalin (US)

Location: Kuakata (Bangladesh)

Description: On Kuakata beach, the second most popular tourist destination in Bangladesh, local boys have fun playing soccer. It is their short break before going back to work as tourist guides or fishermen, which prevents them from attending school.

Remarkable Artwork

Author: Ari Clement (CA)

Location: Costa Rica

Description: Trinidad (102) and her great-granddaughter having a good laugh in Nicoya, Costa Rica, one of the five blue zones of the world, where people live the longest. According to studies, one of the secrets of longevity is a strong sense of community and family.

Remarkable Artwork

Author: Gabriel Tizón (ES)

Location: Island of Fadiouth, Senegal)

Description: Two children play football on the columns of a church on the island of Fadiouth (Senegal) where we find one of the most inspiring examples of coexistence between three religions: Christians, Muslims and animists live together in peace.