Gallery: Under 20

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Author: Mohit Khetrapal (IN)

Location: Varanasi, India

Description: In Varanasi, a local boy dives into the waters of the Ganges River, trying to teach his younger brother how to jump.

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Author: Riccardo Marchegiani (IT)

Location: Simien Mountain National Park - Ethiopia

Description: The Gelada monkeys are an endemic species in Ethiopia, that live mainly in the Simien mountains. At night they find shelter on almost inaccessible rocky ledges, where they are safe from predatory carnivores.

3° classified

Author: Fardin Oyan (BD)

Location: Bangladesh

Description: The image represents a common scene of our golden childhood in Bangladesh, where many children on rainy days enjoy playing in the streets instead of going to school. Bangladesh is generally a rainy country but the drainage and cleaning systems are inadequate and a little rain is enough to block the roads and risk the spreading of diseases. This is why children are forbidden to go out in the rain, especially in cities, but we know that kids are unstoppable when it comes to fun.

Honorable Mention

Author: Angélica Carrasco (MX)

Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Description: I never grew up with the rest of my family: with my uncles, cousins or grandparents, and somehow it created in me a loss of identity as if I didn’t belong to something bigger, to a legacy. At times I felt like a bird away from its nest in the middle of a storm: alone, vulnerable and scared.

Honorable Mention

Author: Boris Bogdanov (BG)

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Description: An image through which I tried to evoke our dreams, our fantasies and to transmit the power of art, in the hope that everyone finds something for themselves.

Remarkable Artwork

Author: Corcode Alexandra-Iulia (RO)

Location: Bistrița


Remarkable Artwork

Author: Teresa Caini (IT)

Location: La Havana, Cuba


Remarkable Artwork

Author: Julio Colín (MX)

Location: México, City


Remarkable Artwork

Author: Seher Asif (AE)

Location: Dubai


Remarkable Artwork

Author: Krishna Vr (MX)