Official Trailer 2019

Official Trailer 2018

The participation in Siena International Photo Awards has been unbelievable once again! Thank you for believing in our project, and for allowing it to become one of the most important endeavors of its kind in the world.

Now it is our turn to give back, and we are already hard at work. We want ALL of you at our wonderful final event. Not just the photographers but you.

Our SIPA family promises an incredible cultural experience and an amazing stay in Siena, all in the name of photography.

Mark October on your calendar. Be There!!! We are already waiting for you!!!

Fragile Ice - Iceland March 2017

Although ice has the power to carve through mountains creating prairies and lakes, its strength now diminishes each day as the ice drips away, unreplenished. We find images which show this massive elegant, fragile beauty near the top of the earth or further south in the Antarctic. A collection of the inspiring, elegant, unaltered photographs digitally captured all over the world.

Official Trailer 2017

Wonderful images coming from 160 countries world-wide: beauty, astonishment, emotions, pathos, marvel, amazement, wonder; all of this thanks to you.

You and SIPA, together, for one of the biggest and the most amazing photography events in the world. We are thrilled to reveal the Photographer of the Year 2017 this October in Siena. Enthusiastic and honored to host such incredible participants as yourselves and to continue to grow our “Big Family”.

Don’t miss it, it’s a must, join us again or for the first time...


50.000 shades of wow

This is how the Siena International Photography Awards opened its 2nd edition.

Official Trailer 2016

Siena International Photo Awards 2016 was once again an extraordinary success. Thousands and thousands of entries registering from all over the world. We are talking about the shots competing to the second edition of the Siena International Photography Awards (SIPAContest) promoted by Art Photo Travel Association and Viaggi&Miraggi, with the support of the City of Siena.

Gmb Akash Interview

GMB Akash is a documentary photographer from Bangladesh and most of his photo reports have been made throughout Asia. Akash has received more than 80 international awards and his work has been featured in over 90 major worldwide publications. Learn more and join SIPAContest and GMB Akash at the photo workshop titled “Discovering Secrets of Street Photography” in Siena on October 30th, 2015

Official Trailer 2015

Siena International Photography Awards 2015, the Italian photography contest with the highest number of foreign nations involved. Participants from over 100 countries, thousands of photos registered to the contest and judged by the best photographers, critics and photo editors from all over the world. Come to Siena, in the heart of Tuscany, one of the most photographed city in the world. Siena International Photography Award is the photo event of the year, don’t miss it, BE THERE!