Aidan Williams

Country: Australia 🇦🇺

Aidan was born in the Beautiful Blue Mountains in 1996; given his first Kodak camera when he was five years of age. Over the early years exploring and discovering what could be achieved through a lens. His passion for photography was nurtured whilst attending an Art’s & Drama High school.\r\nThen moving on to further study at Nepean Arts & Design Centre where he attained a Diploma of Photo Imaging. He was fortunate enough to learn necessary and sufficient skills required to demonstrate and express his passions in motion and action in sport. \r\nAlong the way, Aidan met some amazing and inspiring people which helped motivate and mentor him to pursue photography as a career. Teaching him that preparation, understanding and diligence in your subject field is key to success. Photography resonates on a deeper level, where freezing and capturing a moment in time gives an immeasurable and humbling feeling. Allowing the showcase of artistic and creative expression through the lens of a camera.