SIPAContest Photo of the Year

On the river

Author: Vladimir Proshin (RU)

Location: Lishui (China)

Description: Chinese fishermen while they are fishing on a river close to the city of Lishui. The image was taken in 2013 during a photo tour when the author was invited by the "15th China International Photographic Art Exhibition" under the patronage of FIAP and the Chinese Photographic Organisation and where he was also awarded with the gold medal.

Open Monochrome

People and portrait


Cultural value of man's relationship with food

SIPAContest Best Author of the Year

Joe is an Australian Chinese who began his photography journey as a retired amateur by entering into various photographic exhibitions in 2010.

To date, he has received over 8.000 international acceptances and won more than 1.000 awards from exhibitions from over 50 countries.

Joe has consistently ranked in the top 3 by the PSA (Photographic Society of America) World Top-10 Exhibitors since 2012. He has also received 20 FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) Blue Badges for Best Exhibitors and photographic distinctions including EFIAP/s (Excellence FIAP Silver), MPSA, GMAPS and UPI CR-5.

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