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About Siena International Photo Awards

sipa is one of the photo contests with the highest international participation ever. 2023 edition has received nearly 48.000 images from amateur and professional photographers from 156 countries worldwide.

11 categories

Journeys & Adventures • Fascinating faces and characters • The beauty of nature • Animals in their Environment • Sports in actions
Story-telling • Documentary & Photojournalism • Street Photography • Underwater life • Short documentary film

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“Beyond the Lens” series

The photo books of the "Beyond the Lens" series collect the best shots of the editions of Siena International Photo Awards. The images are collected in the precious large format photo books with the hardback cover. A journey through creative images with a strong emotional meaning and of indisputable artistic value illustrate scenes of life, memories and travel adventures, a roundup of glances and people expressions, distinctive sports actions as well as fantastic stories related to nature, wildlife, landscapes, the environment and the cultural value of food worldwide.

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Awards Ceremony

The winning photographers will be awarded in Siena in October at the “Teatro dei Rinnovati” during the Siena Awards Festival.

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Pangea Prize

The Pangea Prize takes on the embrace that the "Siena International Photo Awards" organizers wish to create with the world gathered in Siena during the days of the Festival and Awards Ceremony.

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Photo of the Day ( by Thomas Vijayan - 21/05/2024 )

Before shooting this image I had visited this same location for 2 consecutive days and had done a study on how I can get a closer click of these lovely birds. When I was observing them I understood the only way not to scare them is to go below their height and stay as clam as possible hence on the day of the shooting I was literally lying flat on the sea ice for hours allowing them to feel comfortable in my presence and then gradually clicking.

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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame includes all the photographers who in the past won the title of Photographer Of The Year or Best Author in one of the photographic contests: "Siena International Photo Awards", "Creative Photo Awards" or "Drone Photo Awards".

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