Photo © Audrey Jeane

1st classified

My Sister and I
by Farida Alam

In a country where people are driven by misinterpretation of religious belief, any disease related to a woman’s body, especially female organs, are quick to receive ignorance or loathing. As a result, even a life threatening disease like breast cancer is considered taboo in Bangl...

2nd classified

by Julia Schönstädt

This is part two of a 20 minute documentary about social youth work in the city of Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Part II follows Ahmen and Gihad, two young Syrian refugees who came to Germany as unaccompanied minors. They talk about how they settled into their new homes with the help o...

3rd classified

The Thresher Shark Project
by Alex Lindbloom

Every year nearly one-hundred million sharks are killed every year. Sharks are rarely used for their meat, but their fins end up in shark fin soup, a Chinese delicacy. There are shark conservation efforts in place all over the world, with most of them trying to stop the fishing o...

Honorable mention

Pneuma (Country Doctor)
by Gabriele Micalizzi

(to see the video- pew: pneuma) The Head of Oncology at the Hospital of Piacenza, in the northern area of Italy, Dr. Luigi Cavanna began visiting the homes of patients with Covid-19 during the country’s first national lockdown. From the start, he assisted them with the first s...

Honorable mention

Posing in Pisa
by Christof Schürpf

A strange ritual happens in Pisa. Like an orchestrated dance all tourists fall in the same poses to worship the Pisa tower, moment after moment, day after day.

Honorable mention

An Afternoon at Denny Moe’s
by Louise Pedno

“In the heart of Harlem, stands Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop, the barbershop that gives back to the community. In addition to providing expert hair treatments, Denny and his staff are actively involved in promoting health and education in the neighborhood.” This story is pers...

Honorable mention

el octavo año/the eighth year
by Taejay Teyé Lee

<< ... being who you are is not enough; you want to be someone else. and the moment you get there, you want to continue being more. Even if we leave the whole world in your hands, you will continue to look at the stars, because there is something in you that cannot but seek expan...

Honorable mention

They Shall Run
by Daniele Colucciello

"They Shall Run" a short film about the Italian athletics champion Ayomide Folorunso. Produced by AKAGE FILM Director: Ermanno Menini DoP: Daniele Colucciello Editor: Simone Marangi Colorist: Michele Motzo 1AC: Niccolo’ Di Guida Sound Design: Tommaso Zerbini Styling:...

Honorable mention

Capturing the power of Earth
by Stas Bartnikas

A documentary film about flying over the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Kuril Islands by an award-winning aerial photographer Stas Bartnikas. Pristine nature, dizzying views, and rare shots. The picture captures the power and energies flowing inside the planet Earth and brings bac...

Remarkable Artwork

Moving Afrika
by Valeria Lomeo

THE PROJECT The word reality is always used in an intimidating way. We must constantly be worried about “reality”, we must obey “reality” as a kind of constant en...

Remarkable Artwork

Drone Your Dance
by Junior Ballet Lovere Associazione Coreutico-culturale

Anfiteatro della Vita, un Eden terrestre ci illumina di immenso. Morbido tulle bianco sulle spigolose rocce grigie del Sebino; effimere punte di raso, ai piedi di chi scende la verticale della Vita. Primi passi, energia che dal suolo si diffonde nel corpo. Ci si presenta...

Remarkable Artwork

Real Men Bottle Things Up
by Scott Portelli

A unexpected eco warrior and his project to build a home out of plastic bottles, turns into a revolutionary approach to cleaning up a little island in the south pacific. His journey to reuse, repurpose and recycle the materials he needs to undertake such an ambitious project, lea...

Remarkable Artwork

Athens: The New Omonoia Square
by Alexandros Maragos

Shot and directed by Alexandros Maragos and commissioned by the City of Athens, the film explores downtown Athens documenting the construction of the new fountain in Omonoia Square, one of the most historic squares in the city and part of "The Great Walk of Athens", one of the la...

Remarkable Artwork

Beqa lagoon Fiji
by Serge Melesan

Discover the underwater life from macro to tiger sharks of Beqa lagoon Fiji on the volcano belt. An incredible life’s there

Remarkable Artwork

Ethiopia, Natural Utopia
by Florence Le Pavec

A travel & documentary short video on Ethiopian Lands, People, Culture and Nature -- 4 min to immerse yourself in the authentic Spirit of Ethiopia. Shot In Lalibela, Gondar, Simien Mountains, Harar and in between. ———————————————————————————————— Ethiopia, the ‘Roof of Afr...