Photo © Audrey Jeane

1st classified

Remembering Sudan
by Ami Vitale

Zacharia Mutai was devastated the day he lost his best friend Sudan. Sudan was someone he spent years with, someone he knew better than his own children, someone he loved. This death was tragic, but not a surprise. Zacharia, the head rhino caregiver at the Ol Pejeta Conservan...

2nd classified

by Davide Preti

IT'S ONLY ONE LEG LESS - the stories of the Italian National Amputee Football Team Through the voices of the players of the Italian National Amputee Football Team we follow the team during the World Cup 2022 played in Turkey in October. directed and edited by Davide Preti

3rd classified

The Legacy
by Erick Higuera

It has taken only fifty years to destroy dozens of healthy and thriving marine ecosystems due to overfishing and pollution. Lots of species have vanished from their natural habitat. Almost twenty years ago the Pacific Mantaray population in the Gulf of California collapsed due to...

Honorable mention

dhīvaraḥ (Way of life)
by Giridhar Nayak K

‘dhīvaraḥ’ is a short documentary that explores how climate change and industrial fishing practices are causing challenges that intersect with faith and work within fishing communities in Karnataka, India.

Honorable mention

Kelsie Whitmore
by Al Bello

Kelsie Whitmore is the first female to play in a Male dominated Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. She plays for the Staten Island FerryHawks in Staten Island, New York. She is the first woman to record a hit in association with Major League Baseball. Whitmore was the firs...

Honorable mention

Jockey School in Puerto Rico
by Al Bello

The Vocational Equestrian Agustín Mercado Reverón School located at the Hipódromo Camarero in Canovanas, Puerto Rico has produced some of the best jockeys in the world but also prepares students for a wide range of equestrian jobs on a tuition-free basis.

Honorable mention

Moving Animals - Miguel Endara
by We Animals Media

Moving Animals is a powerful short film about Jo-Anne McArthur’s documentation of the long-distance transport of animals, shot and produced by filmmaker Miguel Endara. "This is my world. Join me as I climb transport trucks, and stay quietly and diligently with animals as they...

Honorable mention

by Pavle Kaplanec

The film Jordan was filmed during a seven-day trip at the end of November 2021. The locations shown are Amman, Petra and the Wadi Rum desert. The goal of filming is to show all the beauty and natural resources that this country has to offer. To inspire people to visit Jordan....

Remarkable Artwork

Altromercato - Il caffè
by Mattia Alberani

Il caffè è considerato da molti come un rito quotidiano, un piacere irrinunciabile. Per intere comunità del Nicaragua, invece, il caffè rappresenta la vita. Questo doculfim ci spiega come, senza caffè, tanti piccoli agricoltori non avrebbero passato nè presente; ci racconta come,...

Remarkable Artwork

The Elusive Paradise
by Yoong Wah Alex Wong

The Elusive Paradise depicted reality in contrast, where a serene landscape with invaluable natural heritage between the land and the sea is left with waste and garbage. The extensive need for shelter from the sea dwellers created a congested and unsafe place to live and survive....

Remarkable Artwork

Early morning
by Serge Melesan

Marine life of Mayotte lagoon Indian Ocean from dolphins, humpback whale and Orca with Seablue safari

Remarkable Artwork

England’s Forgotten Frog
by Katie Garrett

As scientists were discovering a surprising detail about an often-overlooked frog, the last local population of the species was winking out of existence. The extraordinary story of England’s pool frog and the effort to bring it back. Submitted on behalf of filmmaker Katie Garr...