Pangea Prize

Photo © Audrey Jeane

Pangea PRIZE

As a natural consequence a perfect pure crystal sphere inspired me to compile the form and content of the award in just a highly symbolic object.

By magic this light drop becomes the symbol par excellence as the light nourishes photography. A metaphor of perfection, reflection, refraction, for optical lenses and imagination, the future and the world. It also takes on the embrace that the "Siena International Photography Awards" organisers wish to create with the world gathered in Siena during the days of the Festival with photographers from all continents: all together to support the love for images, for the transparency of man acts, for the harmony of light, for the sweetness of colours, for the good and beautiful.

In order to represent this union, I entrusted the incision placed in the small pedestal holding the ball, a message that was lost even before man's origin: the "Pangaea" (from Greek all-earth). It represents all continents together before the drift, all people together, all nations together, all cultures together: the very essence and purpose that photography transmits and pursues, and that "Siena International Photography Awards" wants to support, promote and encourage.

Carlo Pizzichini