Krishna Vr

Country: Mexico 🇲🇽

Krishna Vr (May 20 1999, México) is a young photographer also well-known by her creative and conceptual works of art. Krishna demonstrated extraordinary artistic talent in her early years, creating nonexistent characters that usually just existed in her imagination and now she says that melancholic and sad moments are the ‘most inspiring moments is her life’, there it comes the creation of ‘Ofelia’ ,one of her favorite artworks created in 2015 when she was feeling sad about the amount of things happening in her life and got inspired with a friend that also loves art.\r\n\r\nAbout 5 years ago she took her first picture with a professional camera and she felt that photography could be a way to express herself with her own body as she got inspiration from other conceptual photographers on the web. She explains that we can not create without an idea that comes from the deepest parts of our heart and feelings, or in a moment we want to express something about society, opinions and thoughts about something difficult to talk about nowadays.\r\n\r\nAt that time, Krishna kept on growing up and improving her work through the years and even now she always mentions her family as an amazing support in every step that she takes, being them an special part of conquering herself and accepting her art. Persistence and creativity are one of those things we can not never let down.\r\n\r\nThe artist said that at the time of becoming another person just to create, she forgets how she looks like and that is the thing she likes the most, there comes her inspiration at the moment where she is about to decide how is she going to take a picture and why.\r\n\r\nDuring 2014, she used to consider herself a little bit creepy and dark, as she was growing up; her art did either, because her style changed when he experimented with different themes and techniques in her photography. Her work is often inspired by artists like Velazquez,Millais,Waterhouse, in the melancholic and warm colors, then because she is always seeking the idea of her art is like one of those characters represented in mythology or paintings and also chasing her idea of creating different environments and people that may never existed but in her head did.\r\n\r\nA close friend from one of her teachers from drama class discovered the talent of the girl and them they helped her opening her first exhibition at her town and doing it a great experience for this 15 years old artist, after that, Krishna started interacting more and more with projects and visions that helped her showing up her work. .\r\n\r\nOne of her first achievements and either important, was the opportunity to get an exhibition of one of her photographs in the ‘Exposure Award Collection’ celebrated at Louvre Museum, one of the most important museums in the whole world, that was the time when Krishna felt honored and surrounded with tons of art, and after that the photographer began to win international prizes, being the first mexican winning at the SIENA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2017, with the competition of more than 45,000 images and 160 countries, and then having her work exhibited and shown in wonderful places like Tokyo,Amsterdam, New York, London, and more. She has shared her knowledge with people from all over the world with workshops and talks, considered one of the most talented and young photographers in Mexico.\r\n\r\nKrishna’s work in one word would be ‘Formidable’. very powerful or strong by the charge of energy and the amount of feelings she keeps on every piece of art and tending to inspire awe or wonder.