K Asad

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

K M Asad, Independent documentary photographer Born 1983 based Dhaka, Bangladesh. I was started my photography journey from 2004 and now I am present Photojournalist at Zuma Press news agency and contributor photographer for Gettyimages. I have completed my Photography Graduation from “Pathshala The South Asian Institute of photography” along with my Academic Graduation in 2008. 2007, when the cyclone (SIDR) scattered Bangladesh, I went to remote places to capture the dying condition of local people. Against those photos, hundreds of people got relief. This situation was opened my eyes. I got my direction on what I need to do in the future. 2017 my picture got selected for “UNICEF photo of the year” and 2018 my work selected for the Siena International Photo Award - Photographer of the Year 2018. last 10 years, my photographic works have taken for the permanent collection in the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMOPA) in JAPAN.