Md huzzatul Mursalin

Country: United States 🇺🇸

I am a photographer involved in this amazing passion since 2010. My works represent the peoples, places and their cultures around me. I am a microbiologist by profession. I moved to the Oklahoma City of United States in pursuance of a Ph.D. degree. My thirst in photography developed from my curiosity in the people and their way of dealings with the lives around them. Photography is the only things which make me feel I’m alive and helps me keep breathing. I’m still an amateur photographer. Every day I learned some things about photography. As I\'m not a professional photographer I always try to express my photograph in a simple way. Photography stipulates the nourishment for my soul. However, I am still not sure about the fate of the soul without a body, so I try to sell my images personally and through image agencies to sustain my corporeal self. I served as an independent curator and contributor of Getty Images at present. If you want to use any of my images for your commercial projects or want fine art prints, please contact me at [email protected]. A larger body of my works is available in my Flickr gallery (