Mauro De bettio

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Mauro De Bettio is an accomplished photographer who travels the world year-round, with an unpretentious air, shining a light on difficult situations to bring beauty.
De Bettio’s intimate perspective sees the essence of an individual and brings it out through each photograph. His collective body of work reveals the strength and resilience of humanity as a whole.
Born and raised in a small village in the Italian Alps, now based in Barcelona, Spain, Mauro found his expression through photography and simultaneously discovered who he was. Photography allowed his voice to be authentic and kept him connected to his life experience. He started with landscape, fauna, and macro photography and then began photographing people. With every subject he photographed, he was transformed.
Mauro constantly encourages people to explore the world through photography for themselves and offers intimate group tours to guide them.
Though he has gone into some of the smallest corners of our world, he is happiest with the children of Malaika. Malaika is a foundation he started in 2021 to help feed the homeless souls of Nairobi, Kenya.
Down to earth at heart; feel free to reach out to him whenever.