Max Van son

Country: Netherlands 🇳🇱

Max van Son focuses his work on architecture, abstraction, design and street photography. His work is characterized by the portrayal of people in architecture, the context, typology, society and environment around architecture. In addition he finds his inspiration in capturing animals in relation to their natural habitat. His interests in place, form, structure and texture largely influences his style of photography. Max pays close attention to composition, lighting and colour. Inspired by minimalism, he tries to simplify. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He uses his intuition, interests, curiosity and connection to the subject or scenery to bring out its hidden qualities and values. Max likes to make photographs which leave something to the imagination. A large number of photographs have been awarded in international photographic exhibitions and international salons of photography; IPA-int'l Photography Awards, Sony World Photography Awards, Trierenberg Super Circuit, ISF World Cup, German DVF-Photocup, Photographic Festival of La Gacilly and many other exhibitions.