Mohammad Murad

Country: Kuwait 🇰🇼

Mohammad Murad, born in 1976 in Kuwait, by profession works in TV broadcasting but with a love of photography since childhood takes every opportunity he can to capture unique images. From his early years when his father used to take family photos & videos, he had an interest in the camera but never imagined he would become a photographer. Mohammad feels at peace when in nature taking pictures. Like many photographers, he started shooting everything (landscape, cityscape , water-drops; you name it). He believes that Nature & Wildlife chose him and not the other way around.

Relatively new to wildlife and birds photography comparing he joined the Voluntary Work Center in the Photography & Documentary Team. He soon realised that his passion was in photographing birds which is his favourite topic. In October 2014 Murad focused on Bird photography and joined the Kuwait Environment Protection Society – Birds Monitoring & Protecting Team where he learned a lot about behaviour which is essential for bird photography and allowing me to anticipate every move and moment. Murad would venture into the Kuwait desert before sunrise and return after sunset on each occasion of free time.