Mario Llorca loureiro

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Cameraman Freelance in Italy worked in RAI Broadcast Television (Rai 1, Rai 2 and Rai 3) and Mediaset Company (Canale 5, Rete 4 and Italia 1). Italy. 2006. Cameraman in Promovideo Productions & Communications . Italy. 2006. Director & video editor of the documentary Dakhi Project for IIMC of Calcutta . India. 2007. Photo retouching in the stop motion picture, La flor más grande del mundo , Continental Productions, based in José Saramago’s script. Spain. Cameraman and video editor in Localia Tv . Spain. 2007- 08.Style life photographer of Mazarine Design Paris . France. 2008. Official photographer of AMAL International Film Festival . Spain. 2009-12Photographer contributor for El País . Spain. 2012.Photographer of ConCiencia Nobel ́s Conferences from University of Santiago. Spain. 2012-now. Spain. 2012. Director of photography & video editor for Via Estrecha (Documentary). Spain. 2013-14. Director of Comizi Precari ( Documentary). Siena. Italy. 2015. Photographer & professor of photography in the University of Siena Italy. 2016.Video maker for the Plastic Busters (SDSN) . Italy/ Germany. 2017. Video maker for Cultural Routes of Council of Europe . Bruxelles 2017. Photographer contributor of Italian Photo Agency Awakening for Getty Images, Alamy Images, Corbis... Italy 2015- Now.