Daniel Fehr

Country: Switzerland 🇨🇭

At the age of 14, i got my first analog camera as a gift. It was the beginning of the enthusiasm for photography. Through my architectural training and the associated freehand drawing i discovered the art of nude drawing and painting. This passion accompanied me for many years. Just over 11 years ago, i bought my first digital SLR camera. For a long time I had the desire to portray female beauty in the field of photography as well. My first shoot was done with a model in June 2007 in the area of an old factory. From the beginning I was enthusiastic about the possibilities opened up for me by this kind of art. I was fortunate that I was able to make contact with very good models at an early age. May I say that I was allowed to work with some of the best models! Through them I was allowed to learn a lot and could gain a lot of experience. I pass on my passion as a form of art, of nude and erotic art, though many see it differently. All my work has been done only with the available light, something that I am very proud of. My first photographic success came in 2009, when I was allowed to publish a cover and the picture gallery for the Penthouse Magazine. Since then a lot has happened and as in real life, everything is connected with ups and downs. When I look back today I am very proud of many things - the numerous competition successes, the work with Metart, various book and calendar projects, the numerous pictures which I show here on Deviantart and of course the contacts to the great people. \\r\\n\\r\\n"It is my vision to generate an image world of timeless value and i want to express feelings and emotions in my pictures. Sensuality, passion, thoughtfulness, desire and erotic are only a few examples which represent my work!"