Alessandro Scattolini

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Alessandro Scattolini was born in Loreto in 1991. He studied photography at the Roman School of Photography and Post-production at the Studio Interno Grigio. Interested in new digital solutions since the beginning of his studies, throughout the years he has attended various post-production courses with masters such as Davide Vannini, Gianfranco Manzo and Daniele Coralli. In 2012 he released his first book, The Train, documenting three different favelas in Rio de Janeiro. He has currently self-produced four books: “Hardcore scenes”, “War memories”, “Feel and Louder”, “Isolation”. The conclusion of the series is “About trees”, a personal adventure researching trees and photography for which he was given honorable mention at the Prix de la Photographie of Paris, a second place at the Portfolio Italia Citta di Nettuno, as well as mentions on various other publications on national magazines, including Reflex. In the same year he completed “La grangia di Monlue,” a report for the Eight per Thousand for the Catholic Church about political refugees. In 2013 he moved to London where he met and collaborated with different photographers as an assistant and post-producer, covering subjects from fashion to reporting. He currently lives and works in the Marche region where he founded the Alessandro Scattolini Studio, a multifunctional photography studio. Between 2016 and 2017 he visited Siberia where he produced “Isolation” for which he received the Ghergo Award as “Best Young Talent 2016/17”.