Cristina Paladini

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Cristina Paladini was born in Rome in 1978 , she graduated in art school and continued her studies at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome" La Sapienza . Subsequently following courses of computer graphics applied to architecture , restoration , modeling and finally arrives to photography in 2013. Since 2013 photography has become an integral part of his life Award:-2015 winner Fai Competion " Urban Reflection Of rome -2015 Urban Contest Pubblishes "Unfinished" reportage -2016 winner Remarkable Award at Siena International Photo awards with " Less is More -2017 winner Section architecture non Prefessional af Moscow International photo awards with " Less is more -2017 mention at Moscow International photo awards with "Waves-2017 finalist at Urban Competion with "less is more " and " Waves-2018 Finalists at the Siena International Photo awards in two categories Architecture and Splash of Colour-2018 Among the selections for International photo Expo "Street sans Frontiers" Paris 18-20 may -2018 select for Milano Photo Week Milan May 2018- 2018 bronze at Moscow International photo awards with "The dark Valencia"-2018 Bronze at Paris Photo Prize PX3 award with "Less is more " - 2019 finalist at HIPA award in the portfolio category