Nadezhda Javadova

Country: Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

Javadova Nadezhda, AFIAP, GPU Crown1. Was born on August 10.1977, Baku, Azerbaijan. In 2013, participated and was among the finalists for the photo contest Photoman 2013 (project “Say Cheese!”), conducted among countries-members of the Eastern Partnership. And get the rights for training and graduated from a 4-month online course at the International School of the Eastern Partnership countries. From October to December 2014 graduated from the authors course on photography Sanan Alasgarov. From September 2015 - Member of Azerbaijan Photographers Union. From September 2018 - Member of FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l`Art Photographique) International Federation of Photographic Art. From December 2018 - Member of GPU (Global Photographic Union). In December 2018 obtained Artiste FIAP and GPU Crown1 distinguishes. Over 35 international exhibitions, about 25 awards including gold medals FIAP, GPU, MoL, Honorable Mention ribbons. Key areas: photojournalism, travel, street photography.