Gheorghe Popa

Country: Romania 🇷🇴

My name is Gheorghe Popa and my main profession is a pharmacist but I've always been attracted by photography. I can say I like any kind of photography. In the last years, I've been focusing on landscape photography, mostly nature, and my favorite kind of photography is aerial.
I started to practice photography most seriously about 6 years ago after a photo tour in Norway and since then I started to travel a lot in several locations (Iceland, Faroe Islands, Morocco, Argentina, Chile, USA, Russia, Turkey, Italy, France, Northern Ireland, etc) but the greatest satisfaction and joy were provided by the lake Cuejdel in Romania, which I captured the most and my work has been rewarded by several awards to national and international contests.
My current project 'Poisoned Beauty' tells the sad story of Geamana village from Apuseni Mountains, which turned into a tailings pond for the waste from processing copper and gold. Poisoned Beauty is an artistic protest that draws attention to the ecological disaster through a series of abstract aerial photographs. The incredibly beautiful shapes are the result of the discharge of chemical substances in the tailings pond combined with various natural factors such as snow, rain, wind, et cetera."
I constantly collaborate with the National Geographic magazine (Romania) but I did collaborate with the National Geographic magazine from Spain and the Fine Art National Geographic Galleries from the USA.