Muhammad amdad Hossain

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

A Award Winning Travel photographer from Bangladesh, International Award Winners From 30+Countries.

Hi This is Muhammad Amdad Hossain, I am 22 years old and I live in a village near Chittagong city, Bangladesh.I am studying in the final year of political science in Chittagong College under the National University of Bangladesh.

I am an Travel and documentary photographer based in Chittagong, Bangladesh.Since childhood, I am very much interested in the art of photography but I didn’t have access to DSLR camera. When I first started taking pictures with my Mobile phone and I realized that I needed a DSLR camera So I bought a camera and started taking pictures with a loan of money from a rural NGO with my wishes and the support of my parents.
Travel and Documentary photography are the areas of my interest and I have a fascination for Portrait photography. Travel and Photography go hand in hand. Being a photo enthusiast, I have been travelling near and far to depict interesting human stories for the last few years. My passion is to explore the different aspects of human life and document them. Capturing the human element is the key to my photography. Through my photos, I want to share my unique perspective and experience with all.

Documentary photography is more of a passion to me. As a documentary photographer, it is my responsibility to showcase the socio-economic issues as well as the impact on human life. I also work on Reportage Photography. Besides being a photojournalist, I use photography as a powerful tool to communicate with the viewer the same way I felt when recording the stories keeping in mind that my viewer was not there – But I was.

I strongly believe in the power of photography in changing people’s perspective towards social changes & issues. My photographic journey is not only to capture the social, political and financial issues & conflicts but also to portray the artistic beauty and enduring power of the human spirit. I am on an endless journey of documenting the untold human stories through my lens. Don’t know yet when this unquenchable thirst will come to an end!

My photographs published in national and international Newspapers and magazines, the few names of Newspapers and magazines given below:
Daily Observer, New Age,Daily sun, The Independent,The Guardian(London), Chiiz Magazine(India), 121 .com (India), Insider, Wikipedia, Peta Pixel, Forbes,Ze.TT(Germany), Geographical, Life Gate,The Irish Sun,PNA Hoboctn,National Geographic,Spider's Web, The objective,Watson(Switzerland), RND,UP Magazine,TV 2, P'UBLLCO (Portugal), Protagon.GR, Agrofy News, Youthled,Wanderlust Magazine, Whalbone magazine(USA), Icaruscomplex Magazines, Flora Fiction Literary Magazine(USA), AP Magazine (UK),

Huffpost (UK), Deccan Herald (Delhi), The National News, FirstPost, MSN, Esquire, Sputnik France, Detiklnet, Sputnik News, Yahoo (UK), x99News, FirstPost, Todayuknews, NewsoTime, Hcabarbieri News, Ria Russia, Guncelkal, The Daily Star (BD), MSN, HeadTopics, Elespectador, BBC Science Focus Magazine, GreenMe Magazine, MoneyControl, DiyPhotography Magazine, Design You Trust, loveExploring Magazine, 2oceansvibe, SuccesslifeLounge Magazine, Greenme Magazine, xatakafoto, DWrong Magazine,

I received awards and prize money from around many countries, such as India,Greece,London,New York,South Africa,UK,Romania,Ecuador,North America, France,Spain,China,Oman,Turkmenistan,Italy, Paris,Afghanistan, Azerbaijan,Turkey, Australia, Russia,poland,Germany,South Korea & Finland.
Below is a list of some domestic and international awards.

*FIAP & CEF Honourable Mention from 13th ASISA Foundation International Photography Competition - ASISAFoto 2021,Spain.
*First Prize Winner from Child Photo Competition 2021.
*Joint Winner of the Young Amateur Photographer of the Year 2021, UK.
*Got Excellence Award in World Photography Awards 2021 by The North American Nature Photography Association (NAPA).
*Honourable Mentions in the our positive impact on the planet Photography Competition 2021,UK.
*Winner in the Public Choice Category of American Photography Open Competition 2021.
*Finalist in the Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather Photographer of the Year 2021 competition, in association with AccuWeather,UK.
*I got 3rd place in "Portrait. A Hero of Our Time - Single" category in "The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest- 2021"Russia.
*Expert 1st Place Winner in Travel Photography Round of Young Amateur Photographer of the Year 2021,London.
*Won Seven Place Prize in the photo competition Life in a Pandemic 2021 organised by Khowab, Australia.
*Expert 3rd and 4th Place Winner in Portrait Photography Round of Young Amateur Photographer of the Year 2021,London.
*Honourable Mentions in the 2021 Px3 Paris Photography Prize.
*2nd place winner of 1-year Anniversary Media competition on “When will there be a harvest for the world?” 2021 - US.
*3rd Prize Winner From 4th SRYD Photography Competition 2021, China.
*Finalist at the Siena Drone Photo Awards 2021.
*1st place winner of 1-year Anniversary Be Still Media competition on “The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters.” 2021, US
*Top 15 Winner of Malta international photo award 20-21.
*Won an honorable mention in the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) photo contest,2021 - Rome.
*Expert 1st and 2nd Place Winner in Home Photography Round of Young Amateur Photographer of the Year 2021,London.
*Winner Of International photography competition "Rebirth" 2021, Greece.
*First Prize Winner Of Child Photo Competition 2021.
*My photo was an honorable mention (Joy category) in the Whalebone Magazine Photo Contest 2021.
*Expert 1st,3rd And 6th Place Winner in Black And White Photography Round of Young Amateur Photographer of the Year 2021,London.
*Second Prize Winner In The ‘Dreams of Travel’ Photo Contest 2021.USA
* Won Team Choice Award under the category “Wow! Factor” for the All About Women Photo Contest, 2021. Finland
* Second Prize under Environment Category at SKYPIXEL 6TH ANNIVERSARY AERIAL PHOTO & VIDEO CONTEST 2021,US
*I have won 2 Honorable mentions from Mobile Photo Award (MPA) 2020.
*First Prize Winner from Black-And-White Photo Competition 2021.

*Won 1st Prize in the CULTURE AMATEUR Category and Honorable Mention in the PORTRAIT AMATEUR Category from CHROMATIC AWARDS 2020.
*I have won 1 Gold Award And 1 Honorable mentions from Smile World international Photography Award 2020,China.
*Winner of Travel Photography Competition 2020,UK
*1st Place Winner in Portrait Category from 2nd ANNUAL LIFE IN ANOTHER LIGHT PHOTO CONTEST 2020,USA
*won Special mention and bronze Prize winner of "Let's DMZ 2020 Peace and Environment International Photo Awards".South Korea.
* Runner up in the Public Choice Category of American Photography Open 2020.
*Won Remarkable Awards from Siena International Photography Awards 2020, Italy.
*Winner And 3rd Prize Winner(Eaith Category) in RIPA - ROMA INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARD,2020-ITALY.
*Winner Of The Sahayatra Photography Contest 2020,India.
*Winner in the first Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives Art Prize for Photography Category,Germany.2020
* Got Honorable Mention in The Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) 2020.
*Won the Audience Award in the "View from the window" International Photography Competition 2020,Poland.
* Finalist in the Young Talents category of 6th edition of the Grand Prix International Photo Competition 2020.France
* Winner of the Corona Creative Contest 2020.Germany
* Won The Slover Library 2020 Earth Day Photo Contest in the Paparazzi(21 Over) Category- 2020,USA
* Finalist on the second edition of UNESCO Youth Eyes On the Silk Roads International Photo Contest-2020.
* Finalist of 'Evil in Our Daily Lives Art Prize',2020.Germany

* 'Finalist' "H2O" International Photography Competition & Exhibition 2019, Greece.
* Won the grand final prize for the Heritage for Planet Earth 2019 photo
*2020 Photography 4 Humanity Global Prize Honorable Mention.
* Second Prize' Winner of The Click A Smile – Akshaya Patra’s Annual photography Contest.2020. India
* Finalist of "CitiesToBe Photo Award 2020, SPAIN.
* Runner-Up in the People category in the Wanderlust Photo of the Year 2019 Photo Contest,UK
* Won GPU Silver Medal And IAAP Bronze Medal
with 7/12 Acceptance in GPU Under 25 Photo Competition.
* Finalist in world's most prestigious photo contest HIPA 2019-20 in General category (Colour).DUBAI
* Finalist of my photography has been selected for ''Viewfinder International Photography competition & Juried Exhibition'' at Miami in Florida.2019
* Winner of 'The Madiha Aijaz' prize in 'ROSL Photography Competition 2019'London.
* Finalist of the Ciwem environmental photographer of the year 2019,New York.
* 1st Place Winner of 'Youthled Changemaker Photo Contest' 2019, Washington.
* Winner of International Photo Contest on "greener healthcare waste management" 2019, Africa
* Runner Up has become Duggal's 2019 Capture the Moment Photo Contest,New York.
* Winner Of ' Wiki Spirit' Photo Contest 2019, Ecuador.

*Grand Prize Winner in "A BETTER Tomorrow: Photography Competition on Climate Change" 2021 ,Bangladesh.
* Got This Division(CHATTOGRAM) Award from Alor Okotan Photography Contest 2019.
* Got award from tourism photo competition 2019 in professional category.
* Nominated as a Photographer of the Year for 'LEKHALOY' 2019.
* First prize in Photo Contest for the book titled'Legal Stories Of life'2018.
* Winner Of Bongobondhu Best Photography Award 2019.
* Top 10 prize of Wiki loves Moments Photography Competition 2019.
* Winner of actionaid photography competition 2018.
*1st Prize Winner From TravelogueBD Photo Contest 2021.