Stefano Cestari

Country: Singapore 🇸🇬

Stefano (Ci) Cestari, Italy.

I would say that my interest for photography came straight after my first impact with Asia.

I stepped into China in 2011 as a student and, while wandering around this incredible continent, I had the feeling I was not doing enough to record what my eyes were seeing. Got my first camera, a Canon 1100d with the basic 18-55 and the plasticmade-but-great 50mm 1,8 and landed in Vietnam. From Saigon to the brown Mekong river area, from Hoi an to Sapa ring trying to get portraits of Hmong people and spending time with Vietnamese fishermen.

In 2013 I was looking for the Rabari people in Gujarat and that was the start of a series of travels searching for these unknown souls; tribes, minorities, people living in remote areas always with the need of learning and experiencing something more and different. The Omo valley, Zanskar, Nenets people in Siberia just to name a few and many more places are still waiting for me.

I am now based in Singapore while planning my next trip and project.

3rd classified National Geographic Italia competition 2017
several publication on National Geographic and other magazines