Nese Ari

Country: Turkey 🇹🇷

Born in Istanbul, Neşe Arı is a self-made photographer.
The ability to capture the moment in one’s own perspective, turned photography which started as an hobby into a part of her life. She conducts documentary, travel, and street photography around Turkey and the globe.

Nese Ari is still working on her social responsibility project which was started 6 years ago with the hopes of raising awareness in the society about the lives of people with special needs. Throughout this time, she held many exhibitions and had many conversations in various universities.
She won many awards both national and international. Held many exhibitions and had many conversations in various universities and festivals. Her works were published on newspapers such as The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian.

Photography is a lifelong journey but also it’s a diary for me.And It’s a way to find the bitter,sweet realism of everyday life (Fascinating people,meaningful moments,emotions etc…)Isn’t the main purpose of photography to transfer the certification today to tomorrow?