Audrey Jeane

Country: United States 🇺🇸

When I was little, my grandmother handed me her polaroid camera to take a photograph. I remember it was like magic-watching the photo develop. From then on, I was always in love with making photographs. 2013 marked a turning point in my desire and abilities when I joined a trip to Mongolia. It was the first time I found a mentor to evaluate my work and help me improve in my storytelling and technical abilities. Since that time I've been working on my skills and developing projects. From 2013-2019 I continued a project in various parts of Mongolia documenting the lives of the Reindeer Herders and the Eagle Hunters. 2019 marked a turning point as my work began to receive recognition in multiple photography competitions. I received 2nd place in the IPA Competition for my Migration story of The Eagle Hunters and 1st Place in the MALTA Competition.
In 2020 I was awarded 5 first placements in the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, 2 Gold placements and 3 bronze placements in PX3 2020. From 2019-2020 I received 52 Honorable Mentions across various competitions including IPA Awards, PX3 Awards, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, and the APA Awards. Covid brought my projects closer to home as I embarked on a new journey to a rural from in Northern Minnesota where the life of a cattle ranching family paralleled the lives of the Mongolian herders I had spent time with. I am grateful to continually be inspired by the lives of people around the world and will continue my photographic journey with respect, passion, persistence, and dedication.