Lopamudra Talukdar

Country: India 🇮🇳

Lopamudra is a documentary and street photographer for India. She is an educator and world traveler. She likes to think of herself as a traveler and student of world culture first before a photographer. Whether it’s understanding the vanishing cultures of the world, documenting nomadic tribes and their lifestyle, chronicling the ancient rituals of religion and faith, or simply capturing candid split-second moments on the streets, it is the human condition and her instinctive ability to visually tell a story that stands out as a pervasive theme.

Lopa’s recent projects include chasing the sub-zero winter lifestyle of the Changpa nomads of Ladakh — home to the famous pashmina wool sheep, documenting disappearing traditions and art forms of indigenous cultures in her native India, portraying the realities of different LGBT communities around the globe, and embarking on a long-term project to capture the once romanticized lifestyle of cowboys in different parts of the world, amongst others.

Lopamudra has led workshops and mentored participants for Canon India and is a Fujifilm X-mentor. Her work has been widely exhibited and published all over the world.