Marloes Der kinderen

Country: Netherlands 🇳🇱

Marloes der Kinderen (born 1957, Eindhoven) Art-teacher, visual artist; free work in painting, collage, photography and short-film, Nature and conceptual projects.
Der Kinderen is a Dutch visual artist with more than 30 years of experience in art teaching. She started running a contemporary art gallery in her early twenties while studying at the Royal Academy for Fine Art in ‘s Hertogenbosch and Moller Institute (Fontys) in Tilburg. After completing her studies, Der Kinderen established an itinerant art school(from 1989)in different locations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Within this framework, she organised courses on drawing, painting, photography, music, philosophy and writing, attracting both leading visual artists and teachers in photography, such as Rob Nypels, Bert Verhoeff and many others.
In 1998, in France, Der Kinderen created the art-B&B; La Grande Maison in Chanteuges, with a studio/atelier where she finally found the time to intensively work on her own autonomous art projects, resulting in numerous awards and solo-exhibitions Amsterdam and Paris.
Her body of work oftentimes mirrors global issues that impel her on an emotional and intuitive level. Through the indirect, visual cues that she employs, Der Kinderen strives to provoke the innate questioning curiosity of the viewer to contemplate her imagery, teasing and infusing them with an imaginary touch. She limits herself to using natural light – without digital manipulation – and in Times of Covid uses herself as a model.
Der Kinderen works in the limited settings of her historical house and the environs of the Auvergne in France, and on the island of Marken near Amsterdam, where she lives.