Peter Mather

Country: Canada 🇨🇦

​​Peter Mather loves (in order) soccer, photography, McDonald’s and living healthy. Peter grew up in Northern Canada and his photo stories revolve around life in the North, with a focus on wildlife, the environment and community culture. Mather’s stories include how a changing climate will affect wolverines in Alaska's North Slope, the fight to protect the caribou calving grounds of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by the Gwich'in people of Northern Canada and Alaska, and the world's largest Hand Games tournament hosted by the small Dene community of Bechoko.
He is a fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers, a Lumix Global Ambassador and represented by National Geographic Image Collection and Minden Pictures. He regularly works with Smithsonian, Geo, and Audubon magazines, and was recognized by the World Press Photo Awards in 2020 for his work on wolverines.
Peter focuses his work on long form storytelling projects, where he focuses intensely on one project for two to three years. Combining video, camera trapping and still photography, Peter’s goals are to inform, inspire and entertain with unknown stories from the Wild North.